Can a dirt CHEAP RC Car be any good? GPS Steed run + Destruction Test

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Stenner FPV says:

I Think You should upgrade it with brushless motor, metal gears and aluminium parts, and see how Well it holds up

i_am_Terom says:


Kristofer Wadsworth says:

You should try the wltoys 12428

The Rc Maniac says:

Ur boy is trading in his trx4 for 5 of these

Stanley Chen says:

Proline just released the ford raptor body for TRX 4 so once you destroy your one you can get that one.

ollie man says:

I have a wltoys 12428. It’s 12th scale but still good. I’ve really knackered it out though. The electronics are faulty. Great car you should review

Body Sharaf says:

You can buy the diki toys

Kenny Johnson says:

One off your better videos fella, this buggy is a great way to get kids into the hobby, not the few hundred quid cars that the parents can’t keep paying out to repair…

PJbottoms says:

I have the tiny Wltoys L939 which is only around $20 and it’s great. Run it around the basement all the time when the weather is not conducive to outside running. Bought one for my nephew to take to college with him as well for running around inside the dorms and he loves it.

phateracing says:

I’ve had really great experiences with my cheapo RC’s. I grabbed one of the LRP Blast BX2 brushless buggies off gearbest, and it goes near-enough 40mph on a 3s lipo. Has a bunch of aluminum parts on it, haflway-decent oil shocks, etc. Hell of a car for $150.

Also check out the WLToys 10428 and 12428. 1/10 and 1/12 scale clones of the Vaterra Twin Hammers. They both have a super-flexy solid axle out back with independent suspension up front, but the 10428 has a hi/lo transfer case. Can do crawler stuff, and fast enough to be fun to bash around rough terrain. My only complaints are that it’s slow, and that it uses a combination rx/esc with 5 wire servos, so you have to replace everything if you want to make it brushless/fast. The 12428 lacks the 3rd channel for the hi/lo box, so it’s easier to throw a new servo/rx/esc in it.

cody gamin says:

Plz can you try the hpi jumpshot sc

Riaan Roberts says:

It has oil in the shocks and you might need a metal spur gear

Eurobeat says:

Put a big motor and a small 4s

Donavan Schoeman says:

Put a castle mamba x system in the poor thing.

Adelson Lopes says:

Ou amigo min da um carrinho desse moro Brasil

Juha Koivumäki says:

it lasts pretty long becouse it is so light

carlos muñoz says:

Next Cheap rc: Hg p402 vs trx4 hahahaha

Sunny Legend says:

What has happened to the giveaway

Brett Strickland says:

There is a brushless version A959B

OCLΔSTAX 8789 says:

Can you try the wltoys a12428?

RC Lu'c says:

it is whaterproof

GhiaSteve89 says:

Kevin. You should do a budget upgrade series for this to make it even better.

SpeakerDude69 says:

I have a Traxxas rally bit I broke it so I’m gonna buy this one for some time

Ján Švasta says:

Upgrades wltoys cars are just super, welcome to wltoys community!!!

Aleksandr Komarov says:

Есть кто из России?

Sabhix24 Bv says:

The Green is better dude

Danny Sare says:

The title tho “steed test”

Allan Deal says:

It’s a little cheap pocket rocket love it

Yuuta Mooney says:

I got this car and it is decent

Mix Masala videos says:

Very very cool CAR

Moumita Kundu says:

I am 14 and I have it

Dennis Gur Hovda says:

I have the dame car but it has a trofytruck bodyshell

Crash says:

Wow its basically a helion anmus

RC Bix says:

Great little entry car for kids before spending loads of money!

RC lover says:

Great vid but there are a lot of rc cars for this price wich are better!

Kyle Matesic says:

Steering sucks on these

That dude says:

I have an A979B with the 540 motor. They are a right crack.

Stanley Chen says:

Looks like it needs a giant brushless system and a 6s lipo!!!

TheSuperJank says:

Not Alec cheap cars at bad, just a lot of them. I’ve had some good cheap ones before

ThePenguinLaugh says:

Put a castle motor in in and rip it around the track with 6s

etcher1981 says:

Those cars suck unless their on cement really.

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