Bugatti Veyron Vitesse RC Car review

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This car takes 5 AA batteries and if you plan on driving it more than a few times, I recommend rechargeable batteries.
8-pack of AA batteries:
This is my review on the highly detailed 1/14 scale Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse RC Car. The main emphasis was put on the details of this car with working head and tail lights. The driving performance wasn’t impressive, with only one speed setting. The speed of this rc car is around 7 mph which is about the speed of a jog.
There is a trim tab under the car to adjust the direction of the tires to keep the car going straight.
The head lights look just like a luxury car, with bright pure white projectors lamps that can be seen in the day light. The tail lights light up when the car is in reverse. This rc car also has scale looking brake pads that stay in place while the wheel turns giving it a realistic look. The Bughatti Veyrons rims are a glossy black and are wrapped in real air filled rubber tires.
The actual Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse is the fastest and most powerful production sports car on the market. Starting out at 1001 horse power and going up to 1200hp this car is in a class of its own. The whole design is unlike any other sports car. With that much power and speed the design of the Bugatti had to perfect functionality and beauty.


MillyWayz YT says:

Bugatti Chiron is much faster than a koenigsegg now


nahhhhhh venom gt is the fastest production car

Oscar Huitron says:


Oscar Huitron says:

Very helpfull

Thang Bui says:

best car

Charlie Morley says:

I have one in Blue and black they are awesome RC’s

VEXUS 1093 says:

I live in Serbia and i saw the SAME THING BRO!
Its orange like in the video AND THE REMOTE CONTROLER IS SO SAME!!!!!!

Francisco Jimenez says:

Hey guys please visit my channel in trying to get more subs.

Mr. Alex says:

it is bugatti veyron supersport 16 4

Obliterated Yin Yang says:

How many mph is this car?

Prano YT says:

1k subscription by me

Rick Corel says:

Will Barbie doll fit in it?

Mike Martino says:

Does the car come with the batteries or not

N4FZ Gold N says:

its not the fastest production car. the koenigsegg one:one is the fastest production car outspeeding the bugatti veyron super sport by 20 mph

yogi bear17 says:

I have that same one!

aconnellvids says:

Just got that for christmas

Herdi nf says:

bugatti ini gak bisa drift

KoJo And FriendsTM says:

i wish the spoiler went up on that rc car cause I orderd one…

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