Best Choice Products Jeep Style 12V Ride On Car Truck W/ Remote Control

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Best Choice Products Pink Jeep Style 12V Ride On Car Truck W/ Remote Control, 3 Speeds, Spring Suspension, LED Lights

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ReshapeJillian says:

Is this as loud in person as it sounds in the video?

-Bristol- says:

Hello, Do the windshield whispers work?

Ali AlZarra says:

how old is ur daughter >> or whats her height, I wanna buy it for my daughter’s fourth birthday , I wanna make sure she will fit for a while…

Raul Gutierrez says:

I just purchased this item for my daughter and I’m having a hard time with the washer and splint staying on the wheel to secure it. How did you secure the wheels ?

Theirf Of thenight says:

Can anyone tell me how to use the remote controller to the big wheel power wheel jeep

Rick KIrk says:

We ordered one recently for my granddaughter. While waiting for it to arrive, I am going to make a little personalized tag for the front bumper. Can you tell what size would fit in the tag location?

Jorge Negrete says:

hello quick question is it 4×4 or just rear wheel drive thanks 🙂

Just Purchase says:

Can you provide the details of the battery? I want to order the jeep along with a replacement battery but need battery information.

Britni Bledsoe says:

Hey, I have his car and I am trying to put the screws in where the rod goes through the axel & the screw isn’t going all the way through to the other side . Am I missing something ? How did you guys get it through?

Chase Carpenter says:

Hi Rebecca! great review, do you happen to remember the brand of your previous range rover ride on?

Thomas Conner says:

how do i know if it’s charging


How did you even receive this product I purchased the Black one and its been almost a month!!! I have received nothing. they don’t answer phone calls emails or twitter or Facebook I have even Witten a letter!!!!

Chava Loko says:

this may be a stupid question but where does the charger connect?

zulma romero says:

Hey Rebecca, we bought my daughter the same pink JEEP for her Christmas present however we are struggling on programming the remote. :/ is there any way you can Help US PLEASE! Thanks

Kim Frischman says:

We can’t get the radio or horn to work. Any suggestions? Also, how do you get the revving sound to work? Thanks!

TNBIGdave says:

thanks so much…

Jeremy Steele says:

Using the remote, you can adjust the speed with the “S” button!

aLoudSi1ence says:

Just ordered for my daughter. Good to see a review here 🙂

Adam Publiczny says:

Top Mom stole the show anyway 😉

W Lance says:

does it have more low end power when it is in the lower speed?

Demetrius Brown says:

My daughter is about to be 8 years old would this be a good fit for her she really likes it how fast goes this go

salinas 18 says:

i cant figure out how to connect the remote 🙁 help

stvnrmsy says:


Josh R says:

Is this still holding up well? And how is their customer service? I see mixed reviews online

Lui Bandz says:

i just got that jeep for my daughter it was charging for about 14 hrs and it’s was dead as if it never charged not sure if my outlets are weak or what

TNBIGdave says:

help please Rebecca. ..I’m putting the same car together and found the plug with the yellow wires that plugs into the back of the power bottom dashboard was not installed..can you look and see if in goes into the center socket or the outside can raise hood and take a pic of the back of the dash to tell..thanks Dave

dadds54 says:

My audio won’t come on can u help

Beatris Salcedo says:

Where is the frequency button? I’ve been trying to sync the remote and haven’t been able to. The instructions are horrible and don’t know where the frequency button is located.

Arturo Lupian says:

i purchased the exact same one, i received it today, assembled it, i was able to sync the remote to the car now my question is how can i switch from using the remote to having my kid actually driving it manuelly?

Cindy5113 says:

I love how she had to turn the radio on before driving. lol The car looks very cool, great review!

z3_vi says:

so on amazon the listed picture they have doesn’t have the realistic jeep grill. Just wondering if it was the same when you purchased yours? I only want to buy it if it has the realistic grill.

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