BEST 5: RC Cars 2018

Top 5 RC cars 2018
1. Traxxas RTR 1/10 Rustler –
2. Distianert Scale Electric RC Car –
3. EpochAir Remote Control Car –
4. Redcat Racing Electric Volcano –
5. HOSIM RC Truck –

It’s hard to categorize these remote control cars as toys when some can fly at over 40 miles per hour (which is faster than your granddad ever goes in his full-size vehicle). So if you find yourself feeling the need for speed, the RC models below will help you get your fix — without ever having to worry about getting pulled over.

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Ruben Figueroa says:

Ok I have a LRP S10 Blast, a Redcat Landslide, and my baby XO1. Where would these be on your list?

Drew Gullo says:

No Arrma? No Losi? One entry level Traxxas on the list? Come on those were toy grade throw away cars. Shouldn’t even be considered in the top 50 for 2018.

Paul Tiburon says:

This guy is a moron , no Traxxas udr, Xmaxx,erevo2.0,trx4, Losi super Ray, aarma big rock,? Hpi Savage xl, losi 8e or 8t dudes a idiot

Marsh8863 says:

Video sucks lol

KodeKraft RC says:

Please don’t make another list for RCs. This one was terrible.

ruggugglan says:

The kyosho rampage is 250$ maybe or 230€



Mr. BrightSide says:

Number 4 is two completely different trucks…

sanjith321 says:

Same likes as dislikes

Elia Athanasiou says:

Top 5 really??

עידו לוי says:

I hope you mean top 5 worst rc cars rustler is ok but everything else is trash

Bob Boumstein says:

Check out Rc Car Action Magazine in Review (here on YouTube) where I go over the stuff they publish, besides Traxxas.

Greg Sundberg says:

Dumb! All those cars are complete crap!

Eemil Yrjönen says:

How about 5ive t or hpi baja and fg cars? Any 5th scale for that matter they are real rcs, but please do not make videos about topic you know nothing about, this is VERY MISLEADING INFORMATION FOR NON RC GUYS!

Cristian florin florin says: my first video

Tammy Herman says:

Where is the nitro power on this list too

Spike Wilson says:

Nr1: Traxxas Slash Vxl 2wd
Nr 2 : traxxas slash Vxl 4wd
Nr 3 :Axial Wraith
Nr4 :Tamiya TT01

M Cowans says:

What no hpi savage the monster truck that destroyed rc truck sales. I think this was a sponsored video

The normal guy says:

Worst list ever!

RockytheKidd 009 says:

Jesus this sucks

jdubbfam37 says:

So I think the other 4 are really garbage unless your realy young and want a RC on glass or on the wall ? But then you got the rustler? 35+ no losi? No tr4? No Hi-Tech. No team associated . No nitro’s? Cen racing? If your into speed that x01 is really nice out the box. But a hobby grade is where you wanna be . Yeah some rcs from wallmart are funn till you break it and can’t fix it. Go hobby grade at lease you can personalize it and upgrade it or just replace parts with original and get it out back where it belongs . RC on dude .

Pettix says:

Traxxas e revo and hpi savage ?

L.O.S Boyz says:

I thought these toys were dead

James Arthur says:

All cheap Chinese shit and then you go to a hobby-grade car like I own. What a junk video!

Msit No'kmaq says:

This is a fucking joke right? The Rustler is the only hobby grade car on the list…

Mobay876 says:

No disrespect but this line up is bull shit bro traxxas ARRMA team associated Losi hpi would be better

RC Throwdown says:

Why is this on here? 2:10

Brotato Chip73 says:

You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about, anybody looking to get a starter car get either a traxxas slash 2wd or stampede 2wd, durable, fast, and good for beginners

Amirhossein Fereidunian says:

Pure bullshit!


Someone might kill you in ur sleep after making this video….

Radim Ziegler says:

Where is Arrma? Traxxas? Losi? *all* of these cars are throw away toygrades!

edenlife says:

since it’s 2018 don’t you think the e revo 2.0 should be here

edenlife says:

Or the losi xxl 2 electric

Magnus Johansson says:

Some sucky list!!!

Philipp Ghadiri says:

No arrma kraton v3 what….it is literally the best car on the market right now,…

Domkla78 torry says:

You forgot kyosho, all the traxxas offroad models…hpi Savage. ..losi and tamiya…


Forwarding, what is this man talking about

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