Air Hogs – Thunder Trax – Review and Run

Links to purchase: – RTR ($70) – – RTR ($58) – – RTR ($58) –

The Thunder Trax can run on land and water, and is pretty much unstoppable.

-Flyin’ Ryan

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Mark Virts says:

I am getting it to day

Michael Thompson says:

Very unique vehicle!
Super cool

RD Simmers says:

haha, it’s airhogs day on all the family-friendly channels. at least this one looks like fun

the waffle man says:

How long does it take to charge and how long does it take to run the battery down?
I’m interested in getting one for christmas, also good review, thanks.

DutchRC Adventures says:

Excellent review as allways Ryan 🙂 Looks like a fun toy.
Wouldn’t it have more traction (on water) with the tracks reversed you think?? :$
Cheers & have a good weekend

youtube commented indonesia says:

I want someting just like this

Aj Diesel says:

how do you know when it is fully charged

Daniel DeBellis says:

You should do a review of the PowerUpFPV and see if it can fly unlike the 3.0

Alan Rodrigues da Silva says:


Eli Pafford says:

Great review!

Jim Whitaker says:

I’m waiting for that video where someone just drives right over the vehicle 😉

Desmond moon bear says:

put wings on it and the land air and sea car thing is born

Mattson McCraw says:

If it flipped upside down on the water, would that damage it?

John Miller says:

how much would it

Steve RC says:

Nice find and review Ryan.
Self-righting is always a plus, but I really liked the way it goes from water to land.

younghex says:

5:30 RC on the road.
9:45 RC in the water.

Zap 101 says:

It’s pretty fast for land and water! However it might be slowed down from the bigger body and treads

Frank Napolitano says:

I think Air Hogs should have focused on keeping this design strictly a Land Vehicle.

Brandon Ochoa says:

Ryan, will you do a terrain twister review?

Wil Scootz says:

I’m buying this

Braden Fergin says:

This is cool o love watching it

Kcud says:

by the way what is the cheapest rc thing you ever bought or heard about

Brandon Ochoa says:

Ryan, what is the run time on the Thunder Trax, im trying to see which one has a longer run time from either the Thunder Trax or Trak Attak.

Chitraksh Bhatia says:

Can you not transform it and still use it in water,does it float?

saw slasher43 says:

nice. bought one yesterday on on black friday. looking for vids to see if it’s good. cause it’s my Christmas present

4thGloryMonday says:

thumbs up for laying n the geese poop, oh and the great review too

O&A Films says:

Your vids are epic I am definitely going to subscribe to this channel

John Jade Amores says:

if im going to name that thing i would name it turtle because it runs on the ground prety slow but not too slow and fast in the water

Cameron Cherry says:

wrong way!!!!!

Dennis S says:

you needed this to retrieve the boat you crashed a few videos ago

O&A Films says:

Will u subscribe to my channel


Nice overview Ryan, I wanted to see what you thought of it? I thinks it’s really a cool inventive R/C the amphibious feature is unlike anything I’ve seen. I just wish the runtime was longer and the control was a little more precise like the Hypertrax. thumbs up!!

Slendy Man says:

I bought one yesterday and it’s really cool.

Dawton Shook says:

thick mud

Terence Renshaw says:

450mah is actually a bit small dude… cheerson cx-10 has a 100-130mah battery and thats super tiny! this should have a 1100mah with how big it is… batteries can go as high as 20,000mah! my dji has a 4400mah standard size battery and lasts ~25min in the air and weighs ~2.5lbs if this explains anything to u about the batteries.

Emily Moore says:

😉 😉 😉

Buster 1 says:

I like that it can go in the water

Dawton Shook says:

can it go threw mud

Daniya. shaikh_ says:


Braden Fergin says:


RcMan //// says:

Hi good review as always . Will you be doing a review on the Propel 1989 Batwing Drone from the Michael Keaton Batman Movie.

Andrei David says:

I have one

Nathan Vonlanthen says:

It can “round” on ground and on water ? xD lol

elizabeth hemphill says:

how many air hogs do you have

Clint Maart says:

Takes 90min to charge for less than 5 minutes operating time. Avoid!

Zap 101 says:

It may be better for kids and they might own it longer if slowed a little down so they don’t break it

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