Air Hogs HYPERTRAX Review. RC All-Terrain Vehicle

HyperTrax RC All Terrain Vehicle http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we review the Air Hogs R/C HyperTrax. This is a very fun remote control car that has thick, deep treads and can flip over and drive on either side. 2.4 Ghz remote (8 AA batteries) and independent suspension on the HyperTrax. Runs for about 10 minutes on a charge and then takes about 30-45 minutes to recharge – this is the biggest negative with the toy. The Air Hogs Hyper Trax sells for about $35.

Here is more information –

Grip it and rip it with the unstoppable terrain conquering treads of the Air Hogs Hypertrax! Drive over any obstacle with this double-sided, high-speed all-terrain vehicle! Whether grass, dirt, sand or gravel, the Hypertrax’ tread gives maximum grip for incredible performance. Race, jump, flip and drive as the independent suspension navigates the toughest terrain. Drive at Hyper speeds with the double-sided and unstoppable action of the Air Hogs Hypertrax! Ages (8+). Indoor and Outdoor

Please visit http://www.DadDoes.Com for a full review of the Air Hogs HyperTrax All Terrain Vehicle


Morten Skogly says:

If we buy two of the same color, will the controllers interfere with each other?

NoxDream says:

It’s not available in Europe, is there an alternative? 

MoThanYouKnow says:

4yrs later and it’s up to $70 lol guess I missed the boat!

Cappaco says:

Great! This looks perfect for Canada! Thanks! 😀

Jason Baker says:

Me and my brother got one for our birtdays there amazing

Ethan Kim says:


jaspinder grewal says:


Content Cop says:


Danielle Knerr says:


yutubgbw says:

Thanks for the great reviews. Helps me have a better educated decision.

Nightfury Toothless says:


Zayn Imran says:

thx…. I have now decided to get hypertrax over hyperactive.

S Kids Vlogs says:

Where did you get it

Maxxiggor says:

I really enjoyed messing around with the hypertrax I went and purchased 3 of them.

Flying Humboldt says:

what is the range on it? also great review video!

JJ Montgomery says:

How is that controller standard at all

GamerCris says:

Bad bro
But I won’t it

Elexis Diaz Perez says:

Cuanto. Balen

Celeste Pavlik says:

hi Dad Does, my 4 boys and I love your reviews, thank you!! We bought 2 of these hypertrax the other day at 2 different walmarts. Do you recall having issues charging them? One wouldn’t charge at all and the other one seemed to have a hard time charging. The light would go on red only and I think it says red and green solid and then they flash when it’s done. Well it seemed to work ok with the red light on only, however once the lights flashed indicating it was done it only had about a 5 min or so run time. Does that seem right? Also, do you ever use battery chargers for your toys and how do they work? Would love your thoughts on that. Thank you!!

Ramesh Bohara says:


Abdiwahab Hassan says:

anyone know where I can get one

Jerry Rudd says:

They are junk!!! I just got one at Wal-Mart and it did not work right and i stomped it into a million pieces!!!

jeffery king says:

How water resistant are they?

Tyra-Lee Shorten says:

I love rc boast can you do an youtube on rc boats

Asps 18408 says:

is it waterproof

hdhdh .rhehd says:


Yolojoe101 says:

fun for hours

Dustin Brinnon says:

Definitely not as powerful as the Tyco Rebound, but still a kick. Anxious to see how it does outside but… I think I’ll wait until it stops raining. I am assuming it is charging, but the instructions said that both the red and green lights would be on. The green light came on at first, but now only the red is on – is that right?

Christine Ibbotson says:

how much are they

Myleen Cardenas says:

May I have the hypertrax please

Ausintune says:

i hate thoose controlers

Christopher Stiles says:

Someone needs to try this in water to see if it swims like the terrain twister

KingspianRC says:

How fast does these hypertrax go? I am looking at amazon I don’t see speed indicator.

Raúl vazquez says:


Jake_Khaos Pro says:


Ramesh Bohara says:


Juana Talavera says:

Have it

Mary Perez says:


Kim Russo says:

i have it its cool

Florin Vescan says:

how mutch does one of those cost?

lil Dragon says:

How much is it

Ankit Giri says:

Very nice i like it very much


How about on water ?

Bruce Steeves says:

Cool where do I get one

Xavier says:

Just got one yesterday, I LOVE IT!!! ITS AWESOME!!!

Youlasty says:

Roughly 15 mph

Mr. Reanu Keeves says:

Oh wth! It’s small! Pretty cool.

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