A Cheap Rock Crawler with Serious Rock Crawling Performance

This Toy Grade Cheap Rock Crawler not only looks super cool but also pack some serious and super persistent rock crawling performance in it sleek pro looking body. Compelte Ready to run and ready to rock crawl right outside box, with a roll cage, dual powerful motors, oversized skid free tires, this Cheap little bad boy will get you addicting to rock crawling no matter indoors or outdoors.

For its 31$ cheap price, this Rock crawler delivers much more fun than you can expect. Though toy grade, but it will seriously amaze you with its powerful and persistent rock crawling attitude.

The only Cons that I could find about this Rock crawler is its running time. using a small 4.8v NiCd Battery, you do not get much running time. Thats I believe is the only con on this Rock Crawler.

Get this one and you will know, you have invested every penny in a fun rock crawler that will keep you busy for days. Enjoy the video. I love it and I can find myself often playing with it indoors or outdoors in my free time. Hey this beasts the Professional rock crawlers sometimes with its persistent climbing attitude. Its a super fun Rock crawler and a highly recommended for all Rock crawling lovers.

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chauhan kk says:

what is the maximum speed of car ?

ác 1200 says:

Thats not actually toy grade

The Off roader's says:

Just use it as a trail finder

Ashtin Sullivan says:

Top speed?

Child's Play Land says:

Very nice demonstration.

uday kiran says:

How much speed

ác 1200 says:

You can also do tug of war with this crawler

handsomerocket kop says:

mine is 1:16 scale rock crawler victorious.. i want to put esc, big motor and big voltage battery. is it possible?

MiMiLaEl Toys Junior says:

Super Cars 🙂

jason says:

I purchased the newest one but did not come with a charger, only the cable.

Rashad Zeynalov says:

selamun aleikum bro

Cate Branson says:

I have a rc car 30$ and it flexes GOOD like damn

Cairo Murphy says:

‘Built to last” for $31 seems legit

kostas gamers gr says:

Ειναι 4τρακινιτο???

Andy Bruno says:

You are the undisputed King of reviewing cheap RC crap.

santosh deshmukh says:

it is verry nice

faren Tibiano says:

Could you pass me the site where i could buy the battery for this RC car model

David Lim says:

I also saw this both 1/16 & the bigger size ones too in singapore you store! ☺

ENES says:


the ARTIST says:

0:24 walacumsalam

Cam Melody says:

what inside rock crawler car

siva mala says:

how fast does it go in a smooth area.

handsomerocket kop says:

mine is 1:16 scale rock crawler victorious.. i want to put esc, big motor and big voltage battery. is it possible?

Gautham Krishna says:


kungfumaster901 says:

Freshie mango American wannabe

Nani Ruslan says:


atomicones says:

Your awesome

Cody Orr says:

If it had softer tires it would be way better

prodezignz says:

Thanks for the review.

RR vlogs says:

I also have

Maryam Sidra says:

I have also have it is waste of money but I am proud because u r muslim

Ahamed Farookh says:

how much time will it take to charge

Muhammed Çilek says:

ı am hello 4×4 car s

Iyyappan c says:

rock crawler is waste

Kenny McCormick says:

My brother got this and it broke in a day, what the hell

NZ WOTB says:

I have a bigger version of that one I have had it for about 3 years and still works perfectly

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