80mph!!! RC Lambo!!!

The worlds fastest HPI RS4 Sprint from drift car to speed demon good luck catching up to this monster!


I Dont Know what to call this youtube channel says:

Where did he get that shell

CluXie says:

35 mph

Mista Man says:

it looks awesome and it goes fast that thing is dope


How to get

Blacktop Serenity says:

wheel fitment goals on that lambo

moneybanks82 says:

wtf I neeeeed that how much does it cost I’ve been a good boy all year can I have it for Christmas!!!!???
love the video keep up the good work

Ketty Hernandez says:

how can i buy one like this?

Christian Sandoval says:

and HPI Sprint drivers are great is that the stock motor for it?

Oden says:

Great videos, man. Subscribed.


Lol. That thing is insane. Rofl

Jacob Funk says:

keep the videos coming!

Seth Reeves says:

where can you get one

Sackmatters says:

I’ve debated on buying a hpi sprint. I just don’t know how I feel about belt driven even though it’s proven it’s self good.

ace boggul says:

R.I.P bee

Blue Bird says:

Is it an xo-1 chassis?

絕緣輪胎 says:

Watch my videos

Fanamugesan Maran says:

Nice rc car

GavinEfb says:

Oops, I blinked.
What was that now? I missed it. lol

Dab Justin stepanian says:

How do I get this

CharlesFilms says:


Juan Br says:

Pretty fast I gotta say for an rc gallarado (sorry for spelling)

Geoffrey Gaming says:

Can you do that to my Lamborghini hurican Spyder

Boden Bell says:

What is this called please respond.

Mista Man says:

crazy fast

Lemmonsin says:

That is a Lamborghini gallorodo

Nilan Charles says:

Where could we buy it ?

Nilan Charles says:

thank you but are they other stores that we dont have mail ex like walmart toysrus etc

Donte Coleman says:

race gt venom I herd it goes 80 as well… unless it’s a lie….do a video to find out.

Christian Sandoval says:

sounds like your spur gears maybe a little to tight.

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