Your First Nitro Racing Buggy? – Losi 8IGHT Nitro RTR Unboxing

So you’re thinking of getting into nitro buggy racing? We’re happy to tell you it’s not difficult to do, as long as you have the right equipment. Luckily Losi has once again has delivered a ready to run ⅛ nitro ready to run buggy based on their latest Team Losi Racing 8IGHT platform. They took it several steps farther and outfitted the buggy with great electronics a race legal .21 Dynamite engine and made the entire package affordable. Could this be the buggy that puts you into the exciting action of nitro buggy racing? Our unboxing video of the Losi 8IGHT Nitro may be all you need to make that decision.

Product: 8IGHT Nitro Ready To Run Buggy
By: Losi by Horizon Hobby
Part Number: LOS04010
Price: $349.99
Link To Buy:

Items Needed To Run:
Fuel Bottle
Glow Igniter
Battery Charger

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Reality says:

Losi 8ight Buggy or truggt which one is better ?

Ra y says:

The price is way too much for this. I don’t see with all these plastic parts and single gear transmission where exactly the 620$ tag fits in. I’m driving a HSP Backwash Nitro buggy which costs me about 160$ and even my car can square up to this.

seven says:

Used to dick around with my trusty Carson specter 1. Went to the track once, for fun, saw what they drove there. Returned with a used MBX6. Best descision. The Specter was a reliable, unbreakable car but, lets face it, it never was a good handling car. Max steering angle, packaging, weight, Geometry, Shocks, and not to mention that elephant of a 4.1 cc Force engine. Sucking fuel like no tomorrow.
Got a pretty good deal on a mbx6 with an os v-spec on it. Oh boy, it is a different world.

crimsonfancy says:

I like to drink beer and RC too.

ChickenNugget says:

Does the receiver charger in the description work on this car?

Máté Molnár says:

with the stock tune how much speed that you can get our of this buggy?

BennyDawg1 says:

Would this thing be durable for bashing? I really want to find a name brand nitro car durable for bashing. I’d prefer an 1/8 buggy but really anything besides a short course truck. Anyone have any recommendations for me?

Joe Parrish says:

How fast does this thing go out the box?

sandra Cormier says:

does it have a fail safe feature?

Loube911 says:


brandon bentley says:

I admit the following is what i observed at the local track and not first hand. A fella i race with has raced his losi8 original fully optioned out for years, great buggy. Well he has two twin boys about 12 i think. He bought them the rtr and they were unable to break it for many weekends. They bent the front upper solid turnbuckles but their dad just switched em out from his spares box right at the track. I would recommend this buggy, also about 75% of the guys i race with race this platform in some form or other.

May Bunni says:

Is this good as a first rc. Or should i get the traxxas rustler nitro

Sergej Nadaždin says:

The Thunder Tiger EB4 S2.5 is much cheaper. A race chassis and a non race engine (.28) for €200 on sale from germany.

Jake Tunnell says:

What percentage fuel would you use on this

Smoop says:

Can u give me a name of a good charger to use for that battery pack, or a tamiya adapter because I already have a smart charger. Considering buying

Gorilla Zombies says:

This or a new old stock 2.0 rtr roller for 200? The blue chassis 2.0.

Purdy Mouth says:

best bang for your buck? caster racing. they have reasonable price.

Karl Robin Kranich says:

Can you use a tlr 8ight 4.0 body on that??

cameron dodson says:

What glow plugs do you use with 30% nitro in the buggy

Adam Does things says:

Can u use 20% traxxas top fuel and traxxas glow plugs in this car

Joey Nieman says:

would any glow plug igniter work?

Nicholas Salapoutis says:

do u recommend using a kill switch on nitro rc car

Tanner Runkle says:

I’m getting a brand new losi 8ight rtr buggy got her on layaway right now can’t wait too put my first payment on her.
My first nitro buggy ever 1/8 scale I’m soooooooooooo excited for it can’t wait too fill the tank up. Brap brap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicholas Salapoutis says:

can you review the Tekno nb 48.4

cameron dodson says:

What glow plug

faze ginger 123 says:

What if they made a car that was nitro/electric

manish dhaya says:

is there best nitro rc car more than losi
reply asap

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

The first issue I see is no bumper system up front. Call me stupid but face it, you WILL hit something by accident sooner or later. I know a guy that just bought one and already destryed the front gearbox by hitting it by accident. How hard is it to even offer a bumper system. I hear him saying things about optional parts to make things better,really? I dont know about you but when I buy something, the last thing I want to do is run back out and have to buy additional parts. Listen carefully to whst he says, I suspect you will agree with me, this car wouldnt be my first choice in Nitro RC cars.

j0nnyism says:

I much prefer kits. That way youre getting hand on experience on its tolerances. Although i always appreciate pre cut lexan bodies

Maurice Mcneil says:

It’s nice and all but my exceed Madfire has more aluminum on it then this

bigg lucc says:

What do you think about Team Energy 1/8 G8X nitro…

Nitro rc / motocross says:

Can the kyosho pureten alpha gx12 be run on 20% nitro fuel?

Dark godz says:

Where i can find the turn buckless for the truggy?

PERKINS_RC76 says:

Knowone cared about the box,can’t you be different then every single unboxing vid,why do u spend so much time on thebox when who buys it will read it

luke bornemann says:

What is the connection on the battery ?

manish dhaya says:

is it like any other brand and featured rc nitro car

Calyn G says:

OK so almost a year later, what’s the new best rtr nitro buggy or truggy with a price point close to this? Im solely electric but id like to further my knowledge.

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