Yama 1/5th Buggy 26cc Review

Yama Buggy, 1/5 scale, 26cc engine. Great buggy with a lot of punch!
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Yama Buggy: https://amzn.to/2wACSBX


Tibor Von says:

How has this buggy been in terms of reliability

nautinunu says:

Since I bought mine second hand, only required to do some minor foolproofing….
Replaced wheelnuts with new thread locks
Replaced both rear shock bottom connection bolts with ss through bolt and lock nut
Thread locked most screws
Installed killer bee ignition cutout.

I have never had a problem since, this buggy is quick on the throttle and has fantastic response.

I don’t know why so many rc enthusiasts kick this model in the head all the time.

Why spend soooo much on a “decent” buggy , when only after a little time and patience you can convert this into a gem

MrSarge2u says:

It’s a Nice buggy but be prepared to replace parts, and lock tight the wheels on as the rear wheels are of a crap design, buy hex wheel adapters so you can use a better quality and choice of wheels i now use hpi Baja wheels far better. check all nuts and bolts often especially the drive shaft nuts they do come loose

John Crawford says:

Where can I get parts for these buggies please help

Rudi Donnot says:

In a bubble located in the engine there was already liquid esque is normal thank you very much 🙂

Samuel Hammond says:

Did you buy yours used or brand new?

bobble1476 says:

i know it isn’t a hpi or losi but it got me into rc cars and i am really glade it did( i love it,) upgrade parts are a bit hard to find(but not impossible)i would highly recommend this buggy as a starter car and then decide from there and also consider the money that you pay(ITS VERY CHEAP)i would rather pay 300 odd quid and then decide i didn’t like it than pay £1000 for one of the big boy toys there seems to be a lot of haters out there and i don’t know why if it brings more people into the hobby then surely thats a good thing, right!

ryan newnham says:

Can u help me right my tc car ween I primer my car the petrol ant getting in carb

Ryan Conway says:

60-70 mph with a 26cc engine??? I dont think so… 40mph tops pushing it at 45

Alex 250 says:

50 60 mph bullshit! !

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