WLToys A979-2 Powerful 1:18 4WD High Speed RC Buggy Crawler Test Drive Review

This very fast Buggy looks pretty cool, and includes a little driver in the seat. Find it here https://goo.gl/iCrfnH

– Good looking 1:18 scale semi-detailed car. It even has a driver 🙂
– 390 brushed motor provides plenty of power.
– Fast car. Predicted high speed at up to 45 kmh.
– Predicted range at up to 100 meters.
– High grip paddle tires meant for sand and mud.

– Although equipped with paddles tires, it did not seem to like dirt/sand. I could hear grinding soon after kicking up dirt. Though the dirt (and noise) was easily cleared by spinning the wheels in air.
– I couldn’t get close to 45kmh in the dirt. But that’s not to say that it might not be possible on harder surfaces.
– 7.4V 1100mah battery. Not a lot of drive time from the battery.

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Captain Aviation says:

Can you review the revolution ascent Spx airplane?

Icantdrive55 says:


baljeet saxena says:

How Can i got thease toy

Oscar's Rc says:

I never got my shout out

Canadian Drone Hub says:


hugoonex ok says:

Best rc channel ever….

baljeet saxena says:

Are you boght thease toys plz answer me

Richard Vitti says:

Hi again hate to be a pest but I actually need to find three of the planes you have the c-10 plane,E801 and the Yellow F15 Great videos I enjoy them very much

Nordic RC Visions says:

Looks good. Been running others of the A959-B and A979-B. Bumper being of flexible plastic actually helps it not breaking. And I can’t imagine these one crawling with that gearing. But great review and test. Ohh, and it sounds like that when it gets some dirt in it. Pretty normal. It likes it. Unless it gets larger stones in it it will be fine. Great location you got there.

Erik S says:


Ahmed Shah says:

is this a water proof

DRONE RC33 says:


Mujtaba Tahir says:


Nick McCain says:

You should try it out at the park in the sand box. But those are being replaced by rubber mats now

Manjunath Naidu says:

Quadcopter101 becomes Buggy101

model nutty says:

another A959-A, I DO like how it’s dressed up. the pinion and spur cover always needs to be siliconed, a ladies nylon stretched over the motor’s brush cooling slots and CA glued/trimmed. them Chinese and BUZZWORDS… “high speed” and “crawler” on the same darn item is ridiculous. you ran into thermal ESC protection, also very typical, car off/on resets it BUT….. WLtoys is about infamous for over gearing their stuff trying to impress with “oh look how FAST”, causes a LOT of heating to the motor, ESC, and battery. solution is finding a 2.3 mm bore pinion gear, 2 tooth smaller than stock, then a little carving to the motor mount plate so the smaller pinion can reach/mesh with the spur gear properly.

another YouTuber showed soldering copper or brass flat stock “fingers” to the tops of the temfet/mosfet ESC power transistors to help dissapate heat from them, reality is if they need much cooling they’re definitely working a little too hard! most ESC’s mosfet spacing is pretty standard, should be pretty easy to just clip a typical heatsink onto the mosfets.

I’d tend to do both the smaller pinion and add a heat sink, when things get HOT resistance goes up, efficiency (and run time) goes down, pulling more power from the battery but not delivering it to the wheels.

I’m sure not saying “this is bad” or “don’t buy it”, I like it !! I’m saying be aware of this stuff and plan on doing some basic stuff to it so you’ll enjoy it a lot longer without having to spend money for parts, and a darn month of downtime, waiting for the parts to arrive!

Cole Cunningham says:

The tires are Sand paddles

Thunderstruck says:


baljeet saxena says:

Plz help me for got toy; i have no youtube channal Plz plz

Jeoff Gerong says:

That ticking sound is caused by a grain of sand dust stuck in between pinion and diff gears, which is a common issue in wltoys.

Dexx233 says:


nick svaluto says:


MarcRCAddict says:

Stick to what you know. Please stick to drone videos mate. I love your drone video as you know what your talking about when it comes to the drones

Areld Rhino says:

Glad that Wltoys continues the Vortex Series

Richard Vitti says:

HI I am new to you tube and love your channel as I too enjoy rc planes ,cars ,trucks etc. I am trying to find the E801 Large Two Channel RC Airplane and the link you posted no longer works. Any idea where I can find it?

Nick McCain says:


boosted740 says:


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