WLTOYS A959 Vortex 1/18 2.4G 4WD Electric RC Car Off-Road Buggy – Full Review

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This is one sweet little RC buggy. Super tough and affordable plus includes a 2 cell lipo 1100mah for great punch and long run times. Full proportional steering and throttle. Great for kids and even adults can still have some fun.

Wltoys A959 Features:
1.4WD 2.4GH RC car Buggy style
2.1/18 Scale suitable for indoor and outdoor control
3.High quality car body
4.Four-wheel independent suspension
5.Two Differentials
6.45Km/ H for the high speed

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elseptimo77 says:

You must have some pretty big hands.. you made this car look like a 1/24th scale! 😉

Zeno'sama says:

do you know what size they are cause I mite buy it. I have extra ESC and I mite put a 540 motor.

Carmen Ambert says:

how fast

En Y says:

je l’ai mais j’ai un problème quand je roule elle fait un bruit bizar et j’ai l’impression que les roues sont deviser car quand j’accelere et recul les roues arriere continues de rouler meme pas une sec et va dans le sens que je souhaite

Zeno'sama says:

hi I have question is the servo on these smaller then the common 1/10 scale servo?

Michael RC Videos says:

what would you preffer? this wltoys or the remo hobby smaxx?

Reichter says:

What upgrades to you recommend to increase the durability of this buggy? Metals gears? Or will it be an continuous changing of plastic parts to keep it running?

GamingWith Ian says:

I’m getting this car soon so what should I be expecting from this car? speed. controlling ability

TheGirlVlogs Yt says:

Really nice car actually but I’ve been messing with it pretty bad! Just doesn’t wanna start, maybe its the motor or battery? Who knows! Probably getting another one. Great job on the review!

Lance Osman says:

excellent review and bashing mate…….please do me and another few people a favour and tell us the name of the song please

Dejaun Roach says:

I’ve just recieved my A959..and I’ve noticed it has 2 black shock absorber springs only on the back shocks but none on the front..why is that and should i take 1 each and and don’t them to the front shocks?

BenjBacStar says:

What was the song?

Woolleybear says:

awesome car awesome review

John Medley says:

what would be your first upgrade?? shocks, motor or metal gears??

Fabian Mendoza says:

50 kmh is how much mph

Ant baniel says:

I had one of do,es

Julio Jaime says:

how many minutes is the battery car when using

JH Piano says:

how the fuck do u drive it with that controller

jayden rosen says:

They have a version called the a959b it has a 540 motor 70 kmh top speed

BroPlaysGames says:

it’s not fast, it’s Jesus Christ himself

Rodney Armstrong says:

beef the esc with a 10 dollar goolrc esc and put a Traxxas 12t 550 motor the car will be doing 60+mph then you can run a 3s battery and you will be doing much closer to 100mph.

Zbigniew Nowacki says:

It’s pretty cheap here – for 48.89 dollars with coupon code: BSHC

Spoons Speedsoft says:

I had one and blew the rear diff in five minuets of use

Earthen 12 says:

i has buy vortex at lazada


Quem um destes?

Design Masters says:

Just got this car… plugged in the charger… Both lights are on
solid.. Green “Power” light is solid on and the “Charger” light is red
solid on..

what does that mean? The manual says nothing much about the charger..

Peyton Darling says:

charge time?

Nhick x says:

is it waterproof? I might buy it for myself for christmas

Sir Wl says:

wltoys a959 is waste of money! I not suggest to buy! It is very danger when you recharge the power! It burn my house two months ago!!! It just like a bomb, you do not know when it will blow up!!! don’t buy!

Extreme Informatica says:

You know about shipping ? if they ship to all countries.
im from Brazil
thx 🙂

alabama says:

i have one but mine have a problem i think even if i charge it it still drives slow does anyoen know what may be the problem. btw it also drive backwards faster

Alejandro Vazquez says:

Does it run on sand?

JH Piano says:

is it REAAALYY waterproof???

Commissioner_JustinRBLX says:

I have this one

Cplus says:

I run this with 4 s on 12/1 motor and the wheel brake off xD just for lols

Guy Harrison says:

I wonder if the esc will recognize a 3s lipo

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