Very Fast 48+ MPH RC Car!! Vkar Racing Bison REVIEW + GIVEAWAY

Racing Bison RC Car ➜
**GIVEAWAY!!** ➜ (closed)

JLB Cheetah RC video:

This VKAR Racing Bison RC Car is crazy fast and super fun!! It’s rugged and durable design. Fantastic shocks and low center of gravity help prevent flips and rolls. High power and torque with brushless motors (4WD) and 3,400mAh LiPo rechargable battery rip across the ground.
Excellent suspension system allows the car to race over all sorts of terrain. Top speed was measured (my Pocket Radar gun) 48 MPH!! (That was on grass, probably even faster on cement.)
-Drive time: ~20min
-Charge time: ~5-6hrs
-Remote control distance: ~650ft

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Jace berg says:

I ordered it it was such a good deal

Joseph Rojas says:

Can I have one for free I won’t want to do nothing for free because we have one can you do you have

Shahid Jawad says:

these  car/trucks are available in UAE?

Chayson Mozisek says:

I want a rc

boy Yacoob says:

I Won dis kor

sandy bailey says:

Can you try to hydroplane all your cars

Jesson Bumanglag says:

i like one

Adrian Spence says:

how do I call gearbest I’m waiting for my Bison too come to mee ?

Nerf Inators says:

Do you subscribe to win it

Ant_731 애니 says:

oh i am sorry its hennessy

ultiamte gamer5437365 says:

Bought the car brand new from Gear best. The car only runs for 10 minutes before stopping (the battery is fully charged before starting). If you turn the transmitter and car off and then on it will run for another 30 seconds before stopping again.

Any idea what the problem is and how to fix it?

thank you

ProPlay Finland says:

I’m customed own rc- car and it goes up to 70 km/h! P.S. I don’t have videos from it on my channel because it’s broken, but i do the video when i repair it.

Daniel Perez says:

I love your videos Ben you should do a video of your haters ben

Selena Pitman says:


Cornel Grobler says:

did you already give it away

martha cano says:


Yandel Bojorge says:

Where I get the extra batteries?

Toyota fans says:

how much is it in indian rupee

Keith Mestas says:

Bison or Cheetah?

Alex Smith says:

Would this be a good car for someone who has never used a hobby grade rc? (I am 12 and never had a hobby grade rc before so that’s why i am asking)

WolfCraft Gaming And More says:

It looks like e revo

YO Vlogs says:

phantom flex 4K

Jaden-River Morgan says:

I love it

Chandan Tunga says:

I love you

PhilipLeMecano says:

The freaking sad thing with gearbest when you’re in Canada : 90$ shipping

Lori-ann Gornik says:

can you do review of the urb-e electric scooter

Hollie and Justin Carl says:

Your videos are awesome can I go in to the video

Roberto anaya says:

Wanna be e revo

Philip Tan says:


Lemual David says:

can the bison go on water?

Deimis jacasvease says:

i subed

Deimis jacasvease says:

because i was looking for a good RC car and you helped a lot

Ant_731 애니 says:

can you do a fast lane hennesy venom gt rc car plz and i subscribe to your channel

Carl Winston says:

Reminds me of the the erevo and rustler mixed together

Blue Cheese_ Gaming says:

i made a rc car that goes 32MPH

Luisantonio Villa says:

Es recargable???

Cornel Grobler says:

what sould i do to get it

António Dias says:

Where can I buy a replacement battery?

Jack Hampton says:

So funny I play inline hockey there

Brian Gornik says:

Can you make a video on the leaux racing trike

Lillian K-C says:

it is a rip off

Adan Franco says:

Authentech please do another bison giveaway because i just found your channel and i really like it and the car so please

the ultimate rc says:

Can u review a traxxas?

Redcat Roostertail says:

I won! Lol

ok says:

scarily similar to the e revo, look at the body, tire tread and wheels! they are almost exactly similar

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