Team Durango DEX210 1/10 Scale RC Buggy Review

Final review the the team durango dex 210 ready to run 1/10 scale race buggy. The buggy rolls with a brushless motor and esc by speed passion, has big bore shocks, a 2.4Ghz and much more

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James Roberson says:

Got mine for 200 bucks :}

sdgfasyedy awysedxf says:

I found the rtr for 249 bucks

Pinder says:

im a 1/8th offroader and most of my local offroad tracks have/are going to shut down although alot more 1/10th tracks are poping up. so its time to trade in my dnx408 for a dex210!

JH129M says:

Great video (as always) Jeremy! Please keep them coming!

Ismael says:

I have see this kit in action it’s great !

Eric Washburn says:

First of all, great video, great review. This is definitely more of a Race Ready 2WD buggy than a Ready-to-Run basher.
Second, for anybody wanting to get this for their racing needs, the gear ratio it comes with is 81/29… with an internal of 2.6.. so this puts the FDR somewhere around 7.26. Which is a bit slow on med tracks. Invest in the 75T spur gear and get pinions around 30-32. The stock spur gear is pretty large and fits a max of a 30T pinion. You’ll never get into the low 6 FDR range.

Evan B says:

Hello, so I see your are active in the rc hobby, I am here to tell u about an amazing website called TowerHobbies order now for free shipping

calzaggii22 says:

great review! when can you do some more amazing running vidieos like you did with the traxxas summit?

traxxasslashish says:

cheap wing

rcnightmare says:

working at his full time job in KY….

djhspawn says:

NM, tower Hobbies.

rcnightmare says:

great to hear

SeenCreaTive says:

Well I bash my B4, but I made myself a bit unclear, sorry about that. I didn’t mean 2wd vs 4wd at all, I meant 1/10 buggies in general. Bashing a racer like the 210 here or a B4 like mine, is not too great. 2wds are fine for bashing, Slash, Stampede ect. Again mostly Traxxas, not really great for racing. I think you should not review this car as a basher in the least. Of course those soft, sticky racing tires are going to suck for bashing, I wore a pair of rear M3s out in a single run bashing.

Mar1wan1 says:

I got this car n its tooo slow on 2s…can i use it with 3s?

rcnightmare says:

yea, thats the rub…I suppose it comes down to personal prefrence. I would love to get teh 22RTR in so I could compare them but I don’t know if it’s in the budget lol

Jacksquatch says:

What is that mat you have under it? is that that magnetic cow rc mat?

juan trujillo says:

Which buggy is more durable a lx2e or an ecx revenge type e

rcnightmare says:

I really want to..I am talking to my local hobbytown in hopes to score a deal on one

rcnightmare says:

I don’t think you have to hate saying that…I mean..I think plenty of people bash their 2WD’s tho..4×4 is generally a LOT better though…

KryptonicLoser says:

What’s the Other channel u guys have

rcnightmare says:

check out channel homepage for all our other channels

B Com says:

I should mention that this RTR is almost exactly the same as the kit. The only major difference is the chassis and the fact that the RTR doesn’t include everything to run mid or rear motor (but the RTR is close). The kit is the same price as the RTR, which makes the RTR a bit of a no brainer.

djhspawn says:


SeenCreaTive says:

I hate to say it guys, 1/10 2wds aren’t bashers, so tires, battery tray all the other features aren’t good for bashing, because it’s not for bashing. I have a B4, similar tires, almost the exact same battery tray. You’re going to get that type on anything other then Traxxas or HPI vehicles

RCxMASTERSx310 says:

guys please check out my channel and comment what you guys think

rcnightmare says:

I hear ya for sure!

Sam Macmillan says:

Better than losi 22

Devin Byrnes says:

The kit also comes with a ball diff, while the rtr is a gear diff. Many users prefer the gear diff and it is an option part for the kit, but it is a difference.

MotoXRacerFilms says:

Hey, I am wondering what a good 1/8th or 1/10th scale electric scale buggy for sand? I don’t have the money for a kit, and I was looking into something like a kyosho inferno VE, possible a HPI vorza flux, but that is a little bit on the high end, price wise. Lastly this buggy would mainly be used for bashing, but occasionally would be on a track?!?!?
Any ideas rcnightmare?

Eric Washburn says:

You can get this on Tower Hobbies and use the promo code 01467 to get $50 off… and shipping is free!!

rcnightmare says:

thanks a lot!


Hello I’m going to Milwaukee for Thanksgiving tomorrow and I want to stop and visit your studio I have read other comments and got a general area on where you live but I need the exact street address. I’m not a stalker I just want to meet you guys and actually see you in person. Thanks I really appreciate your videos keep them coming!

Ricky25 Garcia says:

Not a basher at all , it’s good when you going to start racing. Good revew.

B Com says:

This car retails for about $290. Battery cost varies. Also, he never mentioned that the switch to mid motor is really easy because you only need a few parts.

rcnightmare says:

thanks so much for the kind words!

Eric Washburn says:

Why is that? What are the ways?

KTM Biker says:

ITS NOW $200 RTR!!!

rcnightmare says:

great info thanks for sharing.

rcnightmare says:

thanks I think..

rcbarrier says:

199.98 on tower now

TheAegisClaw says:

TLR22 RTR is better in almost every way, bashing or racing.

rcnightmare says:


rcnightmare says:

totally agree…a really awesome company

rcnightmare says:

it is for sure

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