Tamiya Grasshopper vs Modern Rc buggy


ATV Evolution says:

Grasshopper wins in detail and looks if you ask me great vid

Two Stroke says:

The grasshopper is fun but the suspension is really crappy, just springs, no oil damping and hard to modify for any kind of better handling.

Pixel Pusher says:

I run with an erevo, hbx rocket, plus some others…….but nothing makes me smile and laugh as much as my original 1984 Hornet!
Love the grasshopper, beats the new gear for pure fun always!

lunakey1975 says:

grasshopper,the best 80’s buggy!

Cody Lee says:

What size is motor is it ?

RC Team Austria says:

thumbs up!

baynerw says:

Had my Grasshopper forever. My brother always wanted to play with it every time he came over, we are older. I gave it to him for his birthday and he dumped like, 120 bucks in parts and upgrades….to this OLD ASS little car!? That’s my brother, luv him. Ordered the rerelease of the HotShot and plan to get together this weekend….MWU-HA-HA-HA!!

Hohenzollern says:

Still have my 80s Grasshopper. It’s beat to all hell though.

I’d love to get my hands on a fresh “new” kit. Did they rerelease them?

Retro Pyro says:

Still have my original Grasshopper. Put a 540 motor in from a Wild One.

BennyDawg1 says:

My dad used to own one way back when and I’m thinking about getting him one! How fast do they go?

bubbs tubbs says:

The music?????

True Buggy says:

I want the Grasshopper!

Steve Leahy says:

What have been better without the music so we could hear the two cars

Samuel Wong says:

tamiya is a toy for kids age around 13yrs, the modern buggy is a hobbykit STILL a toy. A real buggy is PROKIT.

so there is NO comparison at all, tamiya is very slow, hobbykit is not durable, the only thing matters is PROKITS.

i guess many of us dint really own tamiya as a kid, so you would want to own one now and say its awesome, but truth is, time passed n tamiya is history.

Veno X says:

The Grasshopper is more “zippy” and agile, in this video the Grasshopper wins. But a race video, most likely the Grasshopper would get beat by a large margin

brett cheeseman says:

i have a black addition grasshopper, its a nice handling car and epic battery life with stock motor, and a descent speed, a great car to pass the time when my slash is charging, the only thing that gets me is the stiff rear suspension, i love how original the repro is, its exactly like the original other then the speed control.

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