Tacon Soar 1/14 4wd electric buggy review!

*NEW* check out my bashing video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iq9rq_fX-2U

This is my thoughts review of the $165 Tacon Soar RTR 1/14 scale electric buggy!
You can purchase this vehicle here: http://www.nitrorcx.com/25c102-14-soar-buggy-green-brushless.html

One thing I forgot to mention is this buggy has dogbones front and rear, but there is an optional CVD kit available on nitrorcx.com at $8 EACH, so you will need 4 if you plan on upgraded those as I have. I RECOMMEND AT LEAST GETTING CVD’S FOR THE FRONT!!!

There is also a short course and rally variant as well as two new models which arent available in the U.S just yet….a 1/14 monster truck and a 1/14 scale desert buggy (looks like a mini exo-terra). All of these cars are based off the same platform and they are all awesome! LC-racing also has a 1/20 version of the buggy, short course, rally and desert buggy to come soon in 2013 as well! I will be buying of those for sure too!


TyqaRetical OGK says:

Plz read my comment I posted

Dan_the_mango man says:

and also a link to a good battery that does the job.

Alexanderland says:

Do they have aluminum hubs?

MrKillervincent says:

The only cars of this class are carisma lc racing (brittish version ot this) and the losi and losi I don’t like losi as a brand for no particular reason and carisma is hard for spares and I have owned a cougar sv buggy so can buy from them and schumacher is normal price unlike most manufacturers websites

GeekMAXX says:

@Joseph Kojian You have to drill the holes in the mini 8 wing yourself to get it to mount up to the stock wing mounts. I used a body reamer to make the 4 tiny holes

Jack Caldwell says:

such a lie. it is a great buggy. its my first ever hobby grade rc car and it is terrific. ive had no problems with it whatsoever, and im not the best driver! All it needs is a battery upgrade which is easy to do. you dont need lipo, just a better nicad. hopefully people read this comment because it tells the truth of this great car. and for the price, it cant be beaten. Also, its quite easy to find parts.

Troy Guinn says:

Hey man, what stand are you using for your buggy in this video? And where can I get one? It would match my neon green tacon rally car lol

GAproductions says:

do you have a link to the replacement part that you mentioned should be done right away

A. Wheeler says:

I got this buggy and its awesome, but I am trying to install the same lipo that you have and i noticed that my connector on the buggy isnt the same as yours and none of the adapters fit this connector. How do you get the lipo to work ? I wonder why mine didnt have the same adapter as yours on the buggy? Mines this type of connector : http://site.hobbypartz.com/pimages/25C133-14-Valor-MT-Red/700/25C133-14-Valor-MT-Red-21.jpg

Slade Chipps says:

ok it’s good thx for the heads up on the spindle

MrKillervincent says:

And where u get that stand from

tim cady says:

I just bought this buggy as my first hobby grade RC.. I got a couple of questions I hope you can answer.. First– How does it handle on gravel roads.. Im gonna be mostly driving it on on road and loose gravel. 2nd- I bought a venom Lipo 2c battery that said it has universal connectors.. Will I have to modify anything to connect my LIpo? Lastly did you use the stock radio transmitter or something else?

Zhusupbek Nurdin says:

Hey how do I program the esc for lipo first time use.? Thanks

Benjamin Hickson says:

I could fit the 1/10 scale drift rims on the short course one

Joe Schmoe says:

Well done on the review. 🙂
I have seen this one and loved it for is price point.

eric yam says:

What would be the best Lipo to get for this car? I was looking at a 1800mah 7.4v Gens ace, but it was sold out.

Julian Garzon says:

how can i extend on this car the runtime to 1 hour or more?

TyqaRetical OGK says:

Hey sorry to bother u but would u plz give me the link or the name of the spindle cuz I just ordered this car online(first rc car) ,and I’m afraid it’ll break and I won’t be able to ride it, so if u would give me the link to the little black thing next to the tire then I’d really apreciate it thank u

Ryan Olsen says:

What chassis plate is that? The short or standard one?

Julian Garzon says:

hey i need the same wing that you are using with your taco buggy, i need the brand, can you tell me that?

kojoe24 says:

Hello geekMAXX im joe and i have this car, as you recomended i purchased the losi mini 8ight wing and brace set, but i have no clue how to attach it! can you help me out plz? also i would like to know if i need any skrews all i have is the losi mini 8ight wing and brace set. Hope you can help me out bro im really stuck! Thanks!!!

Alexanderland says:

For an upgrade vvv

Milan Lamyns says:

From where do you get THE spoiler


so the new Soar version has a plastic chassis. Yours has a aluminum chassis

nightmanphill says:

hi just wondering if you can you tell me what the difference between the “1/14 Tacon Soar Buggy Brushed ” and the “1/14th Tacon Soar Buggy RC Brushless”  aside from price…?

Lori Rae Joe says:

Is that faster than the losi mini 8ight?


Is that tires are all 26 width

Jordan Brock says:

Where did you get those tires becomes I’m looking for some but I can’t find any so I you can it would help me out alot

joseph m says:

did you buy the battery at Nitrorcx?

Balal Adnan says:

now i cant wait until my buggy comes its coming in 2 weeks !!!!!!

River Wilson says:

How did you mount that losi wing so good

joseph m says:

did you buy the 2s or it came with it?

joseph m says:

where did you buy the spindles

vitamindimo says:

Nice video and good review. Got an order into NitroRCX for the MT. BTW what are you using to make the video? I only have my phone and tablet camera- would that be enough and if so how can I hold the device in place?

nuts 4 knives says:

I’m into rc cars, boats, and heli’s. Got several 60+mph trucks. My son is about to turn 5 and drives my mini vxl slash on 50% throttle. I want to get him something of his own in this price range. Thought about a mini t which I used to have but traded off after putting a mamba 25 system in it. Think this would fit the bill? Are all parts available? Don’t want to get him something that will be trash if he breaks it.

Rc 4 Life says:

Is it waterproof

Cole Tomlinson says:

where did you get the tires

RedKnightHobbies says:

Mini 8ight clone?

Eric Briltz says:

can you put a 3000mah batter in the the stock brushed version

joseph m says:

can  a 1/10 on road wheel and tires fit on this buggy?

Fernan Elric says:

what about the parts?do you think any of the hsp,redcat or iron track parts can be used on tacon? i want to buy one of these but im gonna have a problem on parts i cant find local online shop here in australia just a bunch of HSP’s

Platinum gaming says:

hey is it 35 to 40 mph ?

zaycheous vaughn says:

Thanks will definitely check that out

Buck Lee says:

Did you end up smoothing out the damping on the shocks?

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