SUBOTECH BRAVE 1/22 4WD Desert Buggy – Full Review

Available from Banggood

Check out this awesome little 1/22 RC Scale Desert Buggy. Looks great, goes well, tough and long run times.

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ironeagle2526 says:

That little bugger is pretty quick nice video

RC Team Austria says:

Great review, thanks for sharing!

Tekkers Boys says:

Just ordered one looks like a great car love the vid by the way 🙂

The RC Noob 360 says:

Hello I’m been seeing this same car sold by different companies

vignesh sajeev says:

is this water proof??

Tom Tighe says:

Or even the fs racing 1/10 scale 4wd trigger compared to the jlb cheetah plzzzz


Can you put normal batteries in ? ( non rechargeable) ))

Shawn Cote says:

fast for its size

Tony Mejia says:

It does not have metal gears it’s all plastic all plastic if you’re going to do a review I suggest you make sure before collaborating on something that it’s not there it does come with steel bearings but that’s all

Shawn Cote says:

i like the 1 22

Clash Royale Gaming says:

cool video i now want to buy this car Thanks!

ThatsMyRc says:

Great review now I got to get one of these lol!

altron_altafs shaikh says:

where to buy give me link

sayed ajmal hydrose thangal pm says:

how much

John Wedrall says:

your reviews are informative and your videos are exciting . Cool ! I’m gonna buy this beauty. thanks man ! 🙂

Tom Tighe says:

I will be buying either one and I want to know

Tom Tighe says:

Plz review the the jlb cheetah 21011 and maybe compare it with the cheetah racing


Awesome video`s

bigkep13 says:

How lo does it take to charge? I’ve had my sons charging for 6 hours and it still won’t run! Red light on controller is blinking and it only will move the shells with the steering sensitivity control! Please help! Thank you!

CHAOS RC says:

As you already know I love anything RC and any size as long as it makes me smile and I’m having fun with it that’s all that should matter, so I have to say I like that RC and was surprised to see how quick it was. Thanks for sharing that with us and I’m off to watch your latest video now, keep them coming Steve I’m loving it.
p,s  I think it look more like a jeep than a buggy but that’s my opinion.

Ralph Franco says:

Thanks for your valuable videos. I understand them from top to bottom. And you are Very good at presenting the RC merchandise. . keep them coming. maybe If you could help me out and give me some tips or help me with my 4×4 RC truck. but only if I get the OK. thanks again Ralph Franco

Thomas Evans says:

I have one

jack00scarecrow says:

i’m going to fpv this puppy, for anyone that does not know it’s not just AA batteries its AA lion batteries 3.7v x 2 to make 7.4 volts so plenty of power 🙂

TheBabyface774 says:

Can u use any AA batteries for the car?

Nordic RC Visions says:

Looks good. Good footage and editing. Tried one of those new fast lion powered buggies some time ago. Pretty impossible to steer with such small weight and wheels. Probably takes some practice. You’re doing good. Thumbs up.

John Wedrall says:

you are very welcome. thanks 🙂

Leo Bond says:

Nice vid & cool little jeep! It goes even faster than a couple of 1/18th scale LaTrax cars I recently reviewed for Best Buy. I’d definitely like to get ahold of this!

Ozcomz says:

Thanks for the review Steve! I watched just about every video of the Subotech Brave before buying it. I bought mine the day you posted your video so I missed yours! I caught your vid today while browsing once again while waiting for mine to arrive in the mail. Your video makes me more excited to get mine. Thanks again mate!

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