REVIEW & RUN | Tornado 1:12 Scale 4WD Electric RC Car

Hi guys! I’m back with an unboxing, review, and first run of the 1/12 scale Top Racing Series Tornado Subotech from

Highlights include:
– ready-to-run
– 4 wheel drive
– waterproof
– good value
– LED headlights

– Shocks – can’t add oil, entry-level
– Some parts have give in them
– Not actually lipo batteries, as listed on the packaging

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Shen RC says:

On these non oil shock RC’s you can try using a tacky grease and degrease the inside of the shock and put the tacky grease on the inside wall of them and it helps a lot.. I like the tamiya anti wear grease but anything super tacky should help.

Chris Watson says:

Any girl who says the phrase let’s “quit the yappin and get to the brahpin” is a keeper in my book!

Chris Wiggins says:

Great that the ladies enjoy this hobby also lets race lol

Ranelle Ronquillo says:

oh nice 12 scale RC, I wonder how it would go against the Wltoys 12428. this one is definitely more durable with metal gear diffs tho.

Martin Quirex says:

Silicone anti static spray coating can help

Sammy the gamer says:

Smart and sexy

Bobby O says:

Great job. Your hair is really pretty ♥️

YO Vlogs says:

nice video u r the only girl who like rc this looks like a toy car but gr8 value of money

Rhett Oulton says:

I have one of these cars and when I ordered it I tested it. During testing I gunned it but it did not stop. After testing it I tried just touching the trigger it went really fast while not stopping I realized that mabey I should send it back and get a new one I just got it today and have yet to test it

Was this helpful (yes) or (no). IT IS NOT WATERPROOF

Cole Staples says:

Do you ever race rc girl? I’m just seeing basher content

rogel baquiran says:

RC girl,very pretty.

Mick P says:

Hi where can I get spare parts for these please

Eric's Hobby Channel says:

i love your toolbox what brand is of and how much was it? p.s. cool to are a woman play with rc cars


Cool little rig

karl schweizer says:

it seems like it would brake easy

Adam F says:

The axle pins are horrible, they are 1.5mm not 2 like most they bend if you tighten the wheels to much. I was impressed it has beadlock wheels. The only issues I have had with mine are the pins fall out of the front axles right at the hub.

Dr.Haze says:

Hi, I can know the size of the battery box. Is it possible to change the battery connector to use lithium polymer batteries? thank you

ralph longo says:

Ok, stop the yappin, start the brappin made me literally laugh out loud hahaha

Judy Frasch says:

Do you know anyone that can help troubleshoot this for me? Our transmitter flashes yellow and even holding the ‘bind’ button for several seconds, it doesn’t change to green. Any thoughts? Thank you!!

stonecold0469 says:

Hey i just got this thingy and we love it.

I got two main issues. Charging time & extra batteries! Any help finding more info on faster charger & another set of batteries?

carlos santos says:

I am the owner of Can I take a screenshot of your video and put it in my blog? Thanks

19Marc79 says:

2:00 => “RC Dog” shows up to inspect the new RC vehicle ;_)

Rui Chaves says:

parece ser um bom carrinho pra o dinheiro, sera este melhor que o wl toys l 959 2wd ? what the best choice ? sorry my ingles

Chris Watson says:

Ah I see you have some pittsburgh tools, very smart and savoy girl! Harbor freight is the way to go! I also love how your dog doesn’t mind the rc, my dog freaks out at my emaxx!

Franky goes to Hobbywood says:

i’ve never seen this one before, but i like it..!

Philip Savenkov says:

NICE! definitely a toy.

RcToys says:

I think I would have to cut 1 or more coils of the spring to get rid of that really bad bounce it has. Do you think a upgraded brushless motor be installed in this truck? If you think what size would you recommend for this truck? Can you buy larger mah batteries for this truck? Thank you

desmoboy says:

cool a RC girl

Drone Lovers FPV says:

You are so beautiful, love to see hot girls into RC stuff… eh eh

Jon Nantau says:

Nice review

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