Review: ARRMA Typhon 6S 1/8 Scale Buggy

Review: ARRMA Typhon 6S 1/8 Scale Buggy
This is my final review of the ARRMA Typhon 6S and to me this is one of the best bang for your buck RCs out there. For what it costs and what you get, this car offers so much out of the box. Excellent work by ARRMA!

Thank you for watching and hope this review was helpful to you in some way.

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Unboxing: ARRMA Typhon 6S 1/8 4WD Buggy RTR

ARRMA Typhon 1/8 Scale Buggy First Run on 4S Stock

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ARRMA Typhon First Running Video on 6S with Proline Badlands

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RC SPEED WEEK #6 – ARRMA Typhon 6S with 19T Pinion 109kph

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mat arif leen says:

Looking for some opinion. I found thunder tiger bushmaster 8e 6s version for $419. So I’m in a dilemma whether to pick typhon 6s = $429 or bushmaster 8e 6s = $419. Can anyone help me which to pick??

FunkySpaceMan ;D says:

Have a few questions about this. is the kraton better, or should i get this? how to i upgrade it to 45/60 mph? is there anything i should do with it? (like tighten the gear mesh, tighten the screws ect?)

FunkySpaceMan ;D says:

6:25 are you ok there?

Mathew Grant says:

Hi Vas! I have been running my new Typhon and everything is great! I did have a bit of a problem with the battery not having xt90 connectors (tried to order star to xt90 connectors and got all fowled up regarding male to female and so forth) but the car was shipped with XT90 connectors and all I had to do was solder them on the battery. I ordered a 4s lipo from tower hobbies to power my car. The new controller and esc seem to work flawlessly. The new BLX 185 ESC does not beep at all to tell the number of cells but so far I have had no issues. The motor and esc do not get hot at all. I ordered an 18 tooth pinion but will install the included 16 tooth first. Still getting used to the power of this car! I also ordered some Duratrax Bandito tires as I am running mostly on pavement. Looking forward to your review of this new version. Thank you for your effort and videos. Australia is on my bucket list to visit…..

RC RMX says:

Funny Car

Sammy Angemi says:

Hi Mate, will you be testing the new 2016 version? They have a better motor and ESC along with other things. Or is the new version not different enough to do a whole new review?

Ken Rinck says:

i just ordered one of these cars . im in the united states. can you tell me if the diffs are dry out of the box

Robert Frazer says:

I wanted to ask you if the typhon does well on grass, the area/turrain I would be running is surrounded by miles of it (duh), I would like to know because I can’t find any videos showing this, I’m looking into the typhon because it’s a full 50$ cheaper than the talion and Kraton, and I would like to find out, thanks.

yoran vaatstra says:

this or the kraton? looking for just bashing, on and offroad

Florencio Sanchez says:

hi sorry a question how much run aprox with a 4s 5000 mah ? normal use

A K says:

Should I buy a new one for 370 USD?


Doesnt look like it has much room for a decent battery size…

Tank 62 says:

Could you please tell me where did you get those tires?

Robert Frazer says:

I think you do some of the best, detailed reviews of rcs, keep up the good work!

Steven Rees says:

my 3s soft packs fit side by side nicely with the plastic holders preventing battery “twist” in the velcro straps.
also had the esc stick on full throttle and lose steering. replaced by arrma withe the blx 185 esc.

viggo sorensen says:

can it run nihm

Kip-Swagg says:

what are the name of the tires or wheels

Sergej Nadaždin says:


Axis says:

Does this come in a nitro version? If i wanted an electric car i would buy a Prius;)

ariel garcia says:

my Typhon lost power and die after 1 mnt of use any idea thanks in advance

flor1dak1ds2323 says:

Thanks so much for the great review! Your opinion helped me choose the Typhon and I love it.

Daniel Bayliss says:

how much is the typhon at metro hobbies?

Robin van Beek says:

The best looking…….
Or perhaps one of the two best looking RC Cars today?
Because this Typhon-body is almost identical to the Absima AB2.8BL
Take a look for yourself, or even beter, try one yourself and make us humble followers a review 😉

Sergej Nadaždin says:

Does it come with everything to get running?

JoreHaast says:

its a fuckin great rc but i think its a litlle overpriced, cause you can get a good 6s buggy for arround 300 maybe 350 and its the same quality

Kevster012 says:

Sounds good mate, will have to consider this buggy when I can afford to buy a new R/C. Great video as always.

AirRC says:

amazing video, could you do a skatepark bash? instead of a BMX track? I’ve taken my talion there and it held up extremely well. I recorded it as well lol.

Paulo Instantinno says:

Thing sounds like a formula 1 when it’s wide open…

Reino Van Rooyen says:

I just got one in a trade. I am loving it. the guy who I got it from upgraded to the mamba 2 system

יהונתן אמיתי says:

how mach pinion?

Nicolas Tevenin says:

Which one should I get the talion the kraton or the typhon

Bakerboyzzz RC says:

I love my Typhon. I’ve put it through a beating and it just keeps going.

Sergej Nadaždin says:


Claudio Moody says:

Hi Vasco! Love your vids mate. Did I miss it or have you not reviewed the updated typhon? Thanks.

czek says:

+Aussie RC Playgroung
Hi, is better to buy the arrma typhon or a sworkz fox8e ? i want to get a good 1/8 buggy to use it on circuit. thx

Kamill W says:

i like your vids very much, thumbs up! i need help. because i can’t decide between the bushmaster, 8e and typhon 6s. you drove it all, how looks the durability between them. your recommendation??

gametime123 says:

Come on u the king of rcs

Sam Scornaienchi says:

Is there a reason why the blx185 runs great on 4s but as soon as you run 6s it shuts down after a few minutes or speed runs? It’s annoying. It seems like the esc really doesn’t handle what it’s supposed to. I’ve been into Rc for 30 years and unless I’m missing something that seems like the way it is.

omar olmedo says:

Hey love your channel keep it up
Question what size mm is the gear pinion u use

claude charles says:

how long can you run them per session before needing to recharge the battery ?

72Z15SS says:

Can I use 2 3S under the required 4000mah. I have some 2700mah 3s and 2 2700 6s packs. I don’t plan on bashing until I receive my new batteries, just some track time? Thanks in advance… I just want to try it in my backyard.

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