Real Honest Review Rovan 1:5th Buggy

Adam and Ryan do a review of the 1:5th scale Rovan 5B clone.

This rig turned out to very durable and a ton of fun.


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manjunk427 says:

audio is horrible all garbled …………

JC B says:

They come with way bigger carbs! It’s the same shit there might be a few parts you have to swap out. My first baja 5b was an hpi. I spent a small fortune in it and made it way to nice to bash I ended up selling it because i never used it. But I’m getting another and it’s going to be a rovan or hing motor or what ever it is. By the time I change out the gears and put the OBR motor in it scorpion frame and turtle sealed clutch housing and a few other goodies it will be the same with hundreds in my pocket!

Jon Harrington says:

dude you sound like a talking like a fruit loop

harrier331 says:

i noticed his rear right hand side shock cap unscrewing itself here 5:08

Ronald Pena says:

The same thing happened to my diff. in my Rovan. All of the serews backed out and destroyed the gears. You must put locktite on everything. The vibration that these two stroke engines produce shakes everything loose.

gpage says:

They are all made in China, including HPI and Rovan. My issues with the clones is that they are stealing IP and getting the benefit of the R&D HPI and Rovan have already done. The other is probably the build quality, I highly recommend if you buy a clone that you make sure everything is bolted and screwed on correctly. If you do that, it should perform as well as the authentic cars.

Jake Rc Man says:

So would you suggest to buy this buggy? Rc addict I was looking at getting one and really want one but I can’t decode what to get lol.

JC B says:

I seen a guy on youtube the other day with those real nice titanium steering rods and bent one off a jump and it wasn’t even that high.

Welfare States says:

I love this video, but you guys need to get a microphone or something set up so we can hear you better. When the smaller guy on the left talks, I can’t understand everything he is saying, even with my speakers cranked up loud.

SpanWow says:

i bought the rovan first 5 minutes the rear wheel fell off luckily the nut wasnt to hard to find

anonymous says:

jason BLAHA????..NKG?..dont ya mean NGK spark plug?3:30..lmao

SJC Cobra says:

Worst most boring review I’ve ever seen ?

Brandon Jones says:

their wastes of money. and you keep saying hpi parts are compatible. only certain hpi parts are. some hpi parts dont line up and wont fit or work on these. of course when you call them and tell them, they just tell you your installing it wrong and that it does fit

Peet du Toit says:

your audio on the video is shit. spend some money on decent mic instead of shit car

R. Philly says:

Go Pa. Philly RC

BASSstarlet says:

NKG spark plug?

gs10r says:

king motor ftw fuck hpi

SpanWow says:

i bought the rovan first 5 minutes the rear wheel fell off luckily the nut wasnt to hard to find

Rc Min Liu Trophy Truck 直桥短卡 says:


bryan max says:

Will a HPI parts work on a redcat dune runner ?

Craig Blackmer says:

I think it was a good review, the audio needs a little work, sometimes it was hard understand your words.

cenmike82 says:

It’s good buggy well not as good as real Baja ss but it’s a starting point for up grades to transform it to bad ass rc buggy I know I had one thinking getting other one

rcbasher emaxx says:

LMAO I like the butt hurt people that spent a ton of money on a hpi or losi. when you can spend alot less on a rovan.

JC B says:

For 636 you can get the buggy with the chase cage and 30.5 cc with walbro 997 carb.

IMRO R/C stuff says:

awesome vid, hey bro i was looking everywhere for a comparison on 5t bodies with the huge beetle body hahaha i saw it at 1:50

thank you

Bongan says:

If it’s a sponsored video, it’s not going to be honest. And all that shit coming out of your mouth, it’s gotta be sponsored.

isaac jimenez says:

bob baba bob ding dang blue moon audio

Jonas Andersson says:

Bought 2 of these, for me and my brother. Must say i wouldnt recommend them. The overall quality is quite low. Had them for about a year and they spend most of the time broken.

tmright18 says:

For the love of god stop buying that goddamned garbage from those evil asshole chinese bitches.

Rodney Armstrong says:

I can’t afford a roven yet but I would be proud to have one. they are awesome about 520 bucks.

mwc66 says:

My real honest review is, the footage was good but the audio sucked

TheRealBajan says:

Ability to fit real version parts is awesome. Makes money for the original companies where their would have been none. The lot of people who are absolutley  not going to pay premium for their ptoducts will give them money for their parts. Win.

Rodney Armstrong says:

when AMERICA can build them for the same price then I would buy them from AMERICA. AMERICA wants 4 to 5 hundred dollars more than AMERICA. the American ones break just as easy on jumps that size. and cost more.


I like the review just the audio is a problem

Leo Roberts says:

I let my dad drive my Savage once, he ran into the ONE pole in the middle of this huge field!

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