RC Rock Crawlers! WLtoys & JJRC – REVIEW

➜ WLtoys 12428 2.4G 1/12 4WD Crawler w/ LED Lights: http://bit.ly/2aRU1d6
➜ JJRC 1/18 Rock Crawler Buggy: http://bit.ly/2be8ken

These two RC rock crawlers/climbers are a lot of fun. Both are good for climbing over and around all sorts of terrain. The more expensive WLtoys is a bigger 1/12th scale, that zips around super fast and hauls across and over just about anything you throw at it.
The cheaper/more affordable JJRC 1/18th buggy is a bit smaller and less powerful, but still durable, great climbing skills, and fun to drive around. It’s perfect for the younger kids for safety.

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tu tusar says:

how can i by the rc car in bangladesh


It’s a rock racer

Marvin Morales says:

the blue one

Ian Taylor says:

The second one is good, but they need to do some work with the wires. I bought two for my kids and the wires leading to the motor have snapped on both due to flexing with the suspension. I find that they run a lot longer than 20 minutes.

MasterXdatoy says:


J_ dte says:

Very great video but l want to know if this link is trust worthy or not. I want to get into the RC community and l thought that this RC car would be a great start

Dragon knight says:

hi how long can you play it for and how long you have to chrage the battry and how farst is it and how big is it and the length and is it farst a bit and powerful to do off road and is it good.dose it has any problem at all.plz send backhow big is the motor and length in munber plz send back.12428 4×4

Calvin says:

For the JJRC, can you take off the body?

Aarav Sharma says:

pls make a video on how to modify that small car

Buster 1 says:

Try doing some lighthawk rc unboxing

JV'z RC's says:

They call it a Cross Country but in reality is a Rock Bouncer which is why it runs so fast. Good deal for the WL
cheers n Keep on Rc-in Y’all !

Viliami Savieti says:

u other online your rc car?

Jorge Castanon says:

ey man i have a problem with the charger

Alf1000010 says:

Your reviews are to the point and very good

_RC_KING_ says:

Cool but the first car you *the bigger one* showed was not a crawler in my mind

Vishal Singapuri says:

is it available in australia

Daon3nug says:

2.4 ghz is the controller and transmitter size

Luke Milich says:

I bought the First rc car and I bought it from a hobby store and I bought a Battery charge and 1 Extra battery 1 Hour of charging and you get 20 Minutes plus so overall I think it amazing rc car

boxy pandora says:

hmm i have the one thats the same as the JJRC but it’s a different brand but same truck

Pinakin Patel says:

can we get rechargable batteries for both the remote and the car

Mad Dog says:

Where can I get the parts

Jeff Ryan says:

how do I find a battery for this

mathew homan says:

does the larger one out of the 2 with the charger is it compatible for Australian power points

Goncalo Quinas says:

Nice car for sure and good video. Please check my channel and subscribe if you like. Thanks
Keep the good work


i use to have the cheaper rc car but a bigger version

Skylander 08 says:

You Should Make Some More R/C Car Videos

Cool Crawler says:

Can you give me the link to the battery? Awesome video!

Dita Boy says:


Gamer Zone says:

how many hours we have to charge the small rock crawler battery

Hunter of Earth says:

Can you link the spare batteries for the first car? I wanna make sure I get it right

In Guk Seo says:

Its nice to water

Ernesto Padilla says:

How does one get free samples? I have been wanting an good rc like the first one, but I didn’t know they are kinda pricy. By budget can afford it right now. I have been trying to barter with other people with electronics I have. Haha

jrunner trd says:

is the battery upgradable for longer use on the wltoys

SkillzXRze says:

I got my wl toys rock crawler for 50 bux from my friends dad who sells a bunch of goods (RC cars, planes, quads and accessories)

Big boy beast Reviews and more says:

You are awsome

Wolfman Vlogs says:

Hay I went to your website and tried to order the wl toys but it gust said that it failed to pay.

Emmanuel.F says:

I’m buying this in stead of the luctan

Garrett Horton says:

thank you Ben you are the reason why I got this rc car at my house

Chica Nerf says:

im a kid 9 years old…

faren Tibiano says:

Where do I buy the battery for the JJRC 1 / 18th buggy? Battery preference q appears in the vide!

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