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NQD 1:10 Remote Control Drift Racer

Link for car:

Link for website:

Please comment if you have any questions

If the link has been deleted, there are others posted up on the website.


carlos santos says:


Manyakerz Pic says:

why did u play it on rough asphalt, stupid!

PaXen says:

There is a 15$ drifting toyota trueno ae86

BKsniperguy says:

Even the rc drift gtr is better than this and it only cost $55 au.

Opanic says:

This is what I call a China special!

Gullible Gaming says:

So no proportional steering or throttle

Royal Skyline says:

I dont know why people use knife for cutting tapes oof

Drake Martin says:

There’s no way it’s gonna have enough power to drift

Liam WaKeHaM says:

0:24 hahaha

ReDIX says:

6:15 xDD

hi person says:

Ok still not done taking it apart throws knife on flour

FamousJaxGaming says:

There’s 3 thing wrong with this video first is says 35 dollars but he said he spent 36 on it two his feet and three his nasty ass middle finger

DisneyChannelFlow says:

So this is toy grade shit?

Bergwacht says:

main thing rockstar advertising on it …

Gamer 1966 says:

The car is ass but the body can be nice for a pro maybe

Matiu Caterer says:

dude its $35 stop complaining its a toy intended for kids not hobby rc grade,#knifesaftey lol bang for buck

RC CRAZY says:

Nice vid

jaguar 686 says:

Is It 4×2??

Sr. Chrispie says:

Nice video man!!

david slawski says:

What happens to your middle finger

383 chevy says:

I’d rather spend that coin on some more rc tools or spares

Sir Panda says:

4wd drift car…?

Ferrari 456 Sbarro says:

Your nail is blue

Brad Flynn says:

First video I’ve ever seen by this guy and by the time 1:30 came around I realized he had anger issues lol.

Pot S says:

Whats the point of throwing some parts?

Vaishali Ramteke says:

Ur car name


*hesitates* tosses knife down

the original bravesave says:

Holy crap did you see that he went full super Satan mode on 120

MackyoPlayz says:


Shiv Mahesh says:

Its not a drift car you fuck

Zbuckethead says:

Just throw everything on the ground then everything in box with it!!!

Jyce Cartiay says:

Can i get a car


I can tell you are an impatient person DO THERAPY

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