RC Buggy Ramping & Bashing – Dromida 1/18 Buggy 4WD RTR – TheRcSaylors

Buy the Dromida Buggy here – http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXGCLJ&P=ML
You guys have seen them on the channel before, and that’s because they are consistently good vehicles to buy. The Dromida line up has been and still is a great introductory RC ground vehicle to get a quick taste of hobby-grade cars and trucks on a dime compared to the rest of the market. There are always spare parts in hobby stores, and online, upgrades available to go brushless etc… and always a good time! This time we are taking a look at the Buggy, the newer version to see if it holds up to all the other Dromida 1/18 scale 4WD vehicles. What do you think?

We like the Monster Truck, so be sure to check out it’s off-road ability here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-_PTCoDWS4&t=2s

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jonathan kohl says:

Great video! nice sunset

Faizan Farrukh says:

why you dont drive the fpv car and the monster truck you have just shown the unboxing

AmirSafwan says:

can i have the rc please!

dj cats in da house says:

please review the rc a959

David Cal says:

hey so about how long does a full Charge last and how long does it take to charge

Zander Hamburgen says:

that’s weird out of box 30 mph easy and u tried the speed test when it was almost dead

dronesrule619 says:

Could you guys soon review a quad soon. Maybe à dji ?

Andrew Brewster says:

you should do a review of the UPair One plus

Ryan Baker says:

Can you guys do some more rc boat stuff

Score Moore says:

amazing video I know it’s only you too there but I would love to see an rc car race between you and abby, quote on quote I want to see Abby distroy you. no hard feels nate.

Mart Van De Weem says:

is this a good starter rc or do you recement somthing else?

dronesrule619 says:

Omg you guys are at 66k

Paul Ripperger says:

As an employee of Mark Twain Hobby Center in Missouri, I recommend these little dromida vehicles as a good starting vehicle for most children. Yes you can break them but unlike most chinese ones the parts are readily available. I own a brushless one myself and it’s a lot of fun to drive around. It will handle manicured grass but not so much the weeds they were getting caught up in. love your nails Abby.

SonicXTawesome says:

I bought one of them when they got released and it’s so fun

GITech says:

Just took out our first (of 3) Remo 1/16 SCT kit’s to the park today! 4s 1300mah 1200kv outrunner = 30+min all torque/grass runtime.

Guy there had a Dromida 1/18 MT. I ran for 3 times as long and it still hasn’t hit my lvc of 3.4v. Faster too, but these builds are for fun speed. 😉

Got two clear bodies for mommy and lily to sticker up (with “tatoo” type ‘reverse’ stickers, got em at our local 99cent store), and then paint to their liking. 🙂

They’re ‘cute size’! Good times!

Kody Tourelle says:

Hey guys, big fan of your channel; cant wait to see more of your videos 🙂

Chris Ramos says:

All of dromida products are made with a chemical known to cause cancer and birth defects . Buy one if you want but i would use gloves to handle it.

Tom Kowalsky says:

I WANT it!

Lil Sliko says:

#295 lol

CharlieMomo says:

Found a cool racing quad on a 51% sale. ASUAV RS220 220mm FPV Racing Drone $169.99 on gearbest

Aiden Maves says:

but still loveee your vids

kouma_ 2854 says:


Clement Celliers says:

I really like your rc car

dave roth says:

Very nice driving I see rc sailors sticker on the remote. I was wondering if I can purchase them. Thanks

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

I hope the plan on adding an actual base to the track,that isn’t much of a track. They need to add more curves and stuff,set it up like an actual off road course. That looks more like the Indy 500 track. I still havent put the brushless motor in my Truggy. Mabe soon. I am sure its not hard. I plan on flying this morning. That wind was insane again yesterday. No breaks.

Gregory Disla says:

Hello when we run the outcast arrma

Lar B says:

Great job on shooting this video. Some real good action shots . Your videos are starting to look very professional . Keep up the great work.

Propa Jon says:

Been subscribed for a couple years now I think and have never seen a boat or water craft “RC Saylors” jk jk but a boat would be pretty awesome!!!

Aiden Maves says:

I love all your vids! but you should do reviews on a wee bit more expensive vehicles too.

Peter Schmitt says:

Will you be testing the eamachine fpv from the previous video?

David Hannigan Jr. says:

I can’t remember but did y’all say it with a brushless car?

Shawn Patrick Herb says:

I have a dromida MT pretty garbage stock, but i have all aluminum parts and a spektrum receiver and a 8200 kv castle motor. Wayyyyy to much power! I keep destroying my gears. And full speed crashes usually ends up cracking pars
in half. Fun to drive when its in one piece

kevin ward says:

HI i watch your channel all the time and think you really explain thinks in simple terms which helps me i have a few lipo 3 s and 2 s batterys what would fit the Dromida BX4.18BL Buggy 1:18 Brushless what i have just got is there a adaptor to the esc so i could connect to the xt60 plugs or what is the connection called on the Dromida battery so i could make one on purchase one on e bay
thanks for your time and keep up the good work

JP RC says:

Hey nate/Abby or whoever replies to comments will you make a fun fly video with some footage of it

daggerdude42 says:

I live in NY so all of your videos seem to be posted at 3:00 in the morning!

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