RC Budget Build – Atomik V2MR 1/10th Buggy KIT $80!! – Unboxing

After many, many requests, The RCNetwork will be doing a budget build for a 1/10th scale 2wd Buggy. The $80 Upgraded version of the Atomik V2MR was just the platform for this low budget challenge of creating a $250 RTR Race buggy!

Check out more info on the blog: http://www.thercnetwork.com/rc-cars/rc-budget-build-unboxing/

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To purchase the Atomik V2MR Buggy:

My Video Gear
Studio Camera: http://amzn.to/2a0que9
Studio Tripod: http://amzn.to/29VIZ89
Studio Lights: http://amzn.to/2a4Ecmb
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Wheels65 says:

For that price, you would just buy it for parts!

Jacob Diaz says:

Hey Rich, i looked all over the internet and I couldn’t find the kit. Where did you find it because I’m looking into getting that kit.

harris theofilopoulos says:

Please help me i want to buy it but it is anywhere

Edward st.antoine says:

truth be told none of the buggies made NONE are worth no where near what the get for them… they should all be around this cost

Z.A.K. RC says:

How long have you had this buggy? I thought i heard about it from your facebook last year lol

Brian Rader says:

Great idea for a budget build. Almost look more forward to this build than upcoming Walking Dead episodes. I will be watching this! Thanks!

GracedWithRc's says:

Killer price. Thx for informing us.

Alistair Humer says:

Where can I buy this?

Jose Quintini says:

Cool, but still think that the ECX AMP MT kit is a better buy

Wendell Thomson says:

nice! can I have that? i was new on rc bit im hoping that i can get one of those

xX_F4t3z 25_Xx says:

3:57 ?????/hahahaah

Quadflopper101 says:

since the atomik kits are no longer available you should update your video so other people don’t waste time trying to find one like i did!!!

harris theofilopoulos says:

Where o can buy it?

smoke21ghost says:

can’t find this kit please help

Pablo668 says:

Not seeing any of these kits for sale anywhere. Just parts. Oh well. Don’t really need more RC cars tbh.

panayiotis konstantos says:

I thought I will buy a cheap race kit to start play in my new local 1/10 rc track and I just see that this kit does not exist . What the fuck is going on in this world. We don’t have all the people hundrends of dollars to spend only for a kit. For some seconds I was happy and the next few seconds I search about this kit and does not exist in atomikrc.com and now I want to break anything I have in front of me.

HeathenPhil says:

So a budget build with a discounted kit with little parts support…. Sounds great

Kyle Fpv says:

Wtf…guy knows shit!

CamoCameron says:

Were do i buy the rc kit

viper 76 says:

it’s a discontinued car. surely you could do a “budget racer” under a grand that’s actually a car that’s sold and active

Adam Bavuso says:

Was going to grab one for me and my son yester day but looks like I forgot and they are now all gone today… boo

Perry Gower says:

Rich, following the Ebid link, the seller says he bought the old stock from Atomik and is selling it off by adding in the missing parts to the kits he has left. This kit was discontinued over a year ago, and Atomik has no parts support listed on their site. This is such a bad idea for people who are new to the hobby or just getting into racing, since there are going to be No parts available after this selloff is over.

HD Smokey says:

How is the parts for this thing

jayden rosen says:

Gool rc motor esc combo 35 dollars kit 80 dollars tires 20 dollars servo 20 bucks receiver transmitter 20 bucks

Michael Cook says:

Wow, not bad. All that carbon and aluminum, very nice.

Rex Ferguson says:

reminds me of a rustler

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