One Word…BRUSHLESS! Feiyue Desert Eagle 7 RC Buggy Review!!

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Super Cheap Hobbies says:

Awesome power with the brushless setup! Will be picking up one soon for SURE! Great review dude, love this car. Maybe drop a 540 brushless can in it.

JZ_ B GAMING235 says:

if thats fast try traxxas. know thats fast

Harley Dave says:

I wonder if this is brushless. It would have been nice if you told us. Lol

Anjelica Dixon says:

I love You!

gabriel sapien says:

How much for the Brush less model?

Lucas Zajac says:

u should do a review about the S-Maxx


Nice but still over $100

Berta Montero says:

Very Nice


Tell it as it is to the Traxxas excuse of fans!

USA NEWS 24 says:

I love You!

Ivo Stefancic says:

This is the doom-best, most MTV-esque review I have ever seen 😀
Everything is “Big, Huge, Awesome, Incredible”… When, in fact, it’s simply opposite.
Motor is pathetically small and short, 28 x 30-something milimeters, the truck is slow and very questionable to be called “hobby grade”, and those “big rocks” are a laugh, average gravel 😀
I don’t know how much experience you have in the RC world, but from this review it seems it is non-existent. And that is a problem if you pair it up with very exaggerated claims that you make.
Something doesn’t become incredible by shouting and screaming about it.

I have an original FY-03 Eagle, and it has been nothing but problems in stock form, and it continues to be problematic even upgraded, because driveline is simply not good, but for the price that is to be expected.
It is simply cheap and unreliable, and the chassis, drive and suspension is IDENTICAL on this FY-07 model.
A lot of fun, no doubt about it, but nowhere near some fantastic RC that you try to make it be by repeating it over and over again.

IsaacOverstreet 91 says:

Big rocks… I see gravel lol
That rc is so cheap that it doesn’t handle well at all. It’s all over the place and bounces too much

Peyton Dardenne says:

50+ mph? yea right

Chris Watson says:

Ah breakfast cooking while unboxing a fresh rc! Life is good for you my friend!

Shs Dh says:

50mph my ass lmao more like 10-20mph

I Iv Jxonny vI I says:

Ow shit Good Shit

roman batiste 333 says:

can u review a rc truck called the beast slayer

I Iv Jxonny vI I says:

Pin me

Htwn Retros says:

Amazing video You should review the fast and furious hobbs mxt rc its fast And awesome

smiley boy says:

Been subbed since like 200 subs

joe zaier says:

I have this on the way it doesn’t ship until the 26th. It’s killing me

Shs Dh says:

You make it sound like it’s an amazing rc car it really isn’t

Jonathan Prasanto says:

3.50 is there fy07 vs fy03..?

STEVO D 313 says:

Desert eagle reminds me of a huge 50 cal handgun! Lol

Lucas Zajac says:

its a 1/16 scale mini x maxx, its BEAST!

TheMilkMan says:

Try putting a even bigger gas powered rc engine inside it

Superdutychase says:

“It’s sooo fast”… no it really isn’t! LOL

Htwn Retros says:

But that cost too much my

Htwn Retros says:

I wish i could have a rc

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