Nitro Powered Buggy for Beginners Exceed RC Hyper Speed

The Car Contains all available hop-up parts; body or engine included!!! Designed to compete in national and local competitions, manufactured at a super-modern facility, Exceed RC’s nitro r/c gas cars are created with a mind for high performance racing, scale speed of 35mph+. This 4-Wheel-Driven Gas Powered Car is a 1/10th scale that combines many sophisticated performance-enhancing features that represent a culmination of the long years of Exceed RC’s design experience.


1,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos? says:

Those springs look nasty. Also is that a plastic exhaust O.o?

Mike Paniora says:

get brushless 100+ mph buggy

Fugly Panda says:

Will a .18 fit on there?

andrew cote says:

How much is a throttle servo and is it easy to install?

Danyaal Kashif says:

for those asking yes this is the exact same car as the redcat racing nitro shockwave

Memes 5 Life says:

How fobyou make it go do you have oil or something

Chaosmatic says:

Why it doent ship to malaysia

Purple Space Cow Studios says:

Run it on 33%!

Canelo Abeast says:

oooooo i like this one

joemany castro says:

Just purchased a new one waiting on it

Deividas Dubietis says:


Steven Durham-brandt says:

A Rtr nitro comes broken in correct.

Priscilla Viola says:

Are the weiner dogs on full blast..bosshogg tx

austin drewery says:

dose the fule come with it

o smash says:

can u bind that reciever wth another transmitter?

Party Ryde says:

Is it 4wd

pokemon catcher123 pokemoncatcher123 says:

Its just a fake HSP warehead .

klein stEfan says:


BIG Bear says:

How fast is it out the box

austin drewery says:

dose the fule come with it

Mistee Treptow says:

you probably had a rock in your tire

Kenmore Washer says:

TY nitro rcx i have my new nitro hyperspeed buggy it was my bd yesterday and im gonna run it today i should have a video of it coming soon

Bryant White says:

It may just be me but I have always wanted a nitro powered vehicle and think they look really cool. If I watch videos like these I get in a mindset that I must have one of these but in reality I feel like I would never use mine after a week or 2.

Shreejith Hari says:

How much is the cost in india of this buggy

Elliot Harper says:

At 3:52, you can really see those fumes coming out of the exhaust!!! BEURK!!!

Phillip Lyn says:

Nice nitro buggy should have two speed transmission

Ethyn 199 says:

Thinking g about getting g this car. How would I break it in because I watched your other video and it looked like you used one tank of fuel and went real slow. Any e know if I have to break it in like a traxxas or does this have a different method?

Spikes 47 says:

I always love this company

Daniel Hobbs says:

Can I run 25% nitro with this car, or should I only run 20%?

LachieVid S says:

For the nitro starter kit can you get a Australian plug?

Howard crews says:

My nitro car the fuel which to start with 20% etc.

Kanari Mentos says:

how long run each time you fill

Jahangir Alam says:


Faisal Hh says:

how many price

Hunter Ross says:

Which would you recommend, this buggy ⬆ or the Redcat Racing Shockwave?

Bryson Davis says:

Are the dog bones metal or plastic

Mistee Treptow says:

I have a nitro buggy 110th scale hyper speed exceed and I have not had one problem with it except I bent the wing but it got fixed so if you didn’t like the nitro hyper speed why did you buy it

billy Johnson says:

cool, what’s the top speed?

True windwaker vlogs says:

Aka redcat shockwave

Raymond Woodhouse says:

Ive had four nitro buggies had loads of fun,moved up to a baja now

Purinima Kodopi says:

Samir kodopi

luccca audelo says:

hello good night, a question can send the car to Mexico would have some cost

TheAlmightyLoaf says:

I received my buggy and fuel 2 days ago and it ran just fine then today when I go to crank it it wouldn’t crank I had it primed and did everything right I followed all the starting procedures correctly for the buggy in the video because that’s the buggy I got and it won’t start so nitro rcx company sucks so somebody please help me

#Funkara Boys says:

From where you have buy this car

Ryan Morgan says:

My meteor cr Engen
blew up

Kevindeep Bedi says:

I have the same one but it doesn’t work why??

Gta Crew says:

how much does it cost? and how fast does it go?

Daniel Day says:

drive it its ready to run

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