New Bright RC Car Buggy Review Worst Rc Car Ever!!

In this video, I unbox and test a New Bright RC Car Buggy. This car is basically crap. It is way underpowered and the turning barely works. it runs off of 5 AA batteries. My recommendation is DONT TOUCH IT WITH A 100FT ROD. Save your money and get something much better.

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Kyle greg says:

got a mustang rc

hotwheels1298 says:

At least the cat seems interested in it!!! hahaha


traxxas is best e-maxx brushless,slash

ZakkBlog says:

been given a few of these newbright cars. junk, but mostly hackable junk 🙂 take the main microcontroller out and use the board as motor driver with arduino. build seperate controller with another arduino, then decide BT, wifi, NRF2401L, or a good rc RX/TX.

or take the board out and just use the chassis and motors, arduino, motor controller, etc. you have a 3D printer, you could also change the front steering mechanism to use a real servo instead of a normal motor with no feedback

The TechyBrony says:

My friend has 1 of theze. It bairly goes 2 mph

Dog with a square head. says:

I almost bought this. But I went for one with more suspension.

Ashok Patel says:

also pistol grip for the pro reaper

RandomTV_ says:

I’d like to see a castle mamba monster in that thing

Kat Whisperer108 says:

I have one of those it has the same body and tires but you you charge it there are no batteries and it says Baja buggy I personally think its better than the one you used but that’s just me

J cole says:

would it make a difference if u switched the motor

Extreme Lizardz22771 says:

there are much worse cars you could have reviewed, we all know new bright sucks you don’t have to point it out

TheHotcrumbs says:


Robert'sMusic says:

It resists the water?

ubbe R says:

omg. what a Car 🙂

Blood Elixir says:

that RC car is better than mine

MKme Lab says:

That sucks. Time to add Arduino and turn it into a Rover 🙂

Ashok Patel says:

try a pro reaper it’s better but rwd and runs on 12.8v lithium ion battrey

Franklin Ayres says:

And I have the new bright scorpion it’s 2.4 GHz and it’s pretty good this one sucks cause it’s 27

KingQuad Bott says:

great for ages 7 and under haha

Angel Israel says:

I have one but it charges


that’s weird mine takes 5 batteries and it goes crazy fast but the front shocks suck and the back shocks are good

Franklin Ayres says:

It’s jyst cheap plastic cars meant for younger kids not extreme trailing and jumping it’s cheap but what do you expect out of something meant for children unless you spend more than 100 bucks it ain’t worth it

Leonardo Tjuatja says:

its not bad,just need a smooth ride and suspension

typical guy says:

try the new one u charge with usb has a lot more power and better

Isaac Saucedo says:

its not a 4wd

Salty peper says:

oh sheeit that rc car went so fast i literally could not see it in the video

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