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Velocity RC Cars Magazine Issue #32 features the full review of the Mugen MBX8 ECO. Download the issue today and get over 120 pages of RC content with interactivity!

The revised buggy from Mugen is ready for the track. We tested Adam Drake’s actual buggy for the review so the setup was dead on and man was it awesome.

Special thanks to Thunder Alley Raceway, if you haven’t raced there…go now.


codysb05 says:

I love my Tekno vehicles and for being a new racer they have been absolutely durable but this buggy looks so awesome

codysb05 says:

Anyone notice how the pills in the back of the car were facing two different ways when he was talking about the easy access.

Flipside6900 says:

Not like Associated also use pbs…

cisco150 says:

What esc and motor is on that buggy and what radio is that. Love the smoothness of the car on track and it looks fast. Tempting to get

one4all says:

You sound like a robot. One dimensional. There’s the enthusiasm. No I’m not saying to scream like the commentary of historical combat sports, but gosh, you sound like you’re not in touch with your inner self.

Max J says:


john Moore says:

Love the tutorial video electric are faster than Nitro. I can’t wait to get my hands on one

Rm Blake says:

Nice edit. I love my MBX8 Eco. Adam will answer any questions on his videos if you post on them. He is a huge resource for help on the MBX8.

Galactus Galan says:

Great review. Thanks!

Theibault says:

“Big ass balls.” I’m such a child. Nice review.

Caeli G rigsby says:

cool vid. your ulgy 🙂 JK

Dave FivelStone says:

How would you say this car compares to the Tekno EB48.4?

Jacob Naeger says:

Nice video guys, p.s you should do one on the traxxas erevo 2.0

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