Micro RC Buggy – Just $30

I wanted to test out this lower cost 1/32 scale RC buggy. Of course it isn’t as good as a $100 hobby grade micro RC car; however, for the price, it isn’t bad!


subiedude says:

maybe you should try a traxxas slash 4×4 1/10 scale iv gotten mine up to 70 mph

chris cycles says:

where do you buy that?

john leer says:

dude your oven light came on .on its own around 1050 spooky or is it automatic ?

Kushy224 says:

Is it a good car to get for a beginner? I want to get into remote control cars and the only experience I have is when I had them as a kid

Anyone know if it’s worth it?

Don't Ruin The Momment says:

werem can I get it that

Jay Sausy says:

blaming it on the black top ITS WET OUT THERE!

vapaholic17 says:

what’s the cheapest, fastest, best handling rc you have found?

Linas Puodžius says:

Can you plz give a link to buy this rc buggy? Thanks

josh smith says:

Seems close to the hpi q32

Rock Lee says:

I could get a bigger one in Marlin for £20

Nick T says:

I also have the traxxas bandit.

Double Blades says:


N3miTh3Ninj4 Official says:

Where are you buy him ? Is it on ” allegro ” ???

Sea Hawks says:

Extend the tire radius/mickey mouse some bigger wheels and shock arms/shocks, cut the body in half extend it, toss in a 3s Lipo and Brushless motor with Pinion/Spur gear ratio so it is “semi” controllable= fun lol The battery and motor would weight 10x the whole car lol, it’s doable, essentially just a motor/battery/servo/esc and build the body around it, MacGyver RC, I think I have a new project.

Ron jaberjaw says:

I think you have a ghost in your kitchen at 10:20 your stove light came on

PopcornBleach says:


Nick T says:

And sounds like a good car

youtmeme says:

this is one of the best micros i have, but the body velcro sucks. i’m still into looking for a better body cause everytime I rolled, they came off. the tires also suck. I changed the tires to bigger, and rubber. it runs well on uneven grass, pavement, etc. for a long time too. one of the most powerful micros out there.

Victor Daher says:

THANLYOU for mentioning the Non proportional steering. I was curious about exactly that! Any suggestions on similar priced rc cars with proportional throttle AND steering?

Chris Schuler says:

Mine doesn’t steer well anymore. I have oiled it. Can somebody tell me to make the steering working again?

jason persaud says:

theres a upgraded one that goes 20 mile per hor now

Kadence Musick says:

where did you get it

Hunter Hybrid says:

what brand is it

NAJUS CA says:

Anyone watching in 2017!!!

2k God says:

the light in the backround turned on by its self at the end

Ayelen Villada says:

no saling just 30 saling 800

Autizmo ?? says:

I would probably just take off the Velcro body and put a camera or something on the top

1spunkymonkey2 says:

what brand and model is it?

FUNNY_clips Funny_clips says:

Fuck you

Victor Daher says:

Got myself the wltoys l939! Same micro size but with proportional steering and throttlw

mage728 says:

Hi, can you please provide the brand and model? I would love to buy it for my son.

LYX Clan says:

its quite good for tge price of that kind of car

chanseeth says:

Where can I buy this toy ?


whats the
car called?

LYX Clan says:

its quite good

Kushy224 says:

Any idea how long the battery life is olease

jojokick says:

That thing looked like it was wert a dime

Jason Brown says:


JPowellCreative says:

for less than $30, you can get the much better and much easier to control, WLToys 1/24 series, L939, a989, a999 etc…proportional steering and still with the 15mph top speed and rubber tires with good grip etc 😉

Ant Boy says:

Cool where did you get it bro

Finlay Ball says:

Nice review

Double Blades says:

funny clips you suck

Chewedbacca says:

bwahahah just bought an absolutely identical car on amazon for like 8.99€…. fucking chinese rip offs eh… making rip offs of rip offs so you can have a rip off while you rip off

Chris Schuler says:

I bought one and I must say it really fast for it’s size.


lol that is a pretty fast rc you have nd very cheap

Vincent Conroy says:

Did you get it from nz

Michael Borden says:

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