Losi 1/8 4WD 8IGHT RTR Gas Buggy _VRC Magazine Quick Review

Issue #17 of Velocity RC Cars Magazine features our full review of the Losi 8IGHT Gas Buggy RTR. Download the issue to find out what our full thoughts are on this unique RTR. It features one of the first Gasoline engines by Dynamite and it wasn’t all back flips and high 5’s during testing. Should you be running to take advantage of Losi’s blow out price on this…or wait until they return to a normal nitro engine?

We say wait.

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pinoyblues says:

you know what is cool if they can make a mini turbo or supercharged add on for that engine, maybe that will give the engine a boost

Mattia's Channel says:

Best Car ever *

djjoep100 says:


xrayracer1 says:

Thats kinda sad really. They put an engine in thats harder to tune and use than nitro into a car that really cant be used for racing, and really can only be used for bashing.
In my opinion thats a fail in my book.

Quintin Lindsey says:

You put 87 octane fuel in a small hot running two stroke that is a big part of the problem with lack of power,put high octane fuel in it and please let us know how it runs then. I am really thinking about getting one of these! Better two stroke oil wouldn’t hurt either maybe some KLOTZ or Bel Ray and then you could lean it out a little because of the better oil.

manjunk427 says:

if this engine takes a crap…….can you simply stick a nitro engine in it? Has anyone done this? I ask because these can be purchased really cheap since discontinued.

jeffv2074 says:

87 Octane? Really ! No wonder it runs like shit. Use premium and test it again.

MRKing Images says:

I have one of these, it runs like a scalded dog on 93 octane and 14:1 OEM oil. Twenty tanks thru it without a hitch. It was a little touchy brand new, but I had no frustration with it. A little patience, and it SCREAMS. Look for my video, I just posted it.

TheBeerMag says:


hector mendez says:

where did you buy it??

rc basher says:

Whats now your needle setting after that 7 hours spending? wanne know it pls.

ripmax333 says:

I hope they develop more the idea of running on regular gas and we see more manufacturers making these type of engines, I like nitro but for RC Cars running more than 10% nitro especially the competition ones will get expensive to run, It’s why I’m more inclined to Electric right now.

Tech3241 says:

My LSH has one for 299.99 on clearance.

Theo31633 says:

can you get different wheels for it

RL RL says:

Where the hell are you getting $20 a gallon nitro? LOL

John Szafarczyk says:

Actually it does sound like nitro and the oil cost about $17 plus a gallon of gas,so around $20.So not better then nitro. And besides that the engine its self is really terrible and they also discontinued it.thank god.

David Lim says:

Will you review the newly Losi 8ight buggy Nitro RTR LOS04010???

Ajo Joseph says:

Brutally honest!! Hope to see a revised engine that will kick the Nitros soon. Awesome review.

RakinBill says:

In laymans terms, on the needle settings, 30 hours is 2.5 turns out from seat, and 18 hours is 1.5 turns out from seat. That’s not they way I do it, I have always went by 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 turns and such.
But to each their own, you have a particular way of doing it, and if it works for you, then stick with it. I do it differently, because that’s the way I have always done it when working on 2 stroke engines.
Great video, and great review.

Average Joe Nitro says:

Horrible Engine! I have it and just took it out if my Losi LST XXL2. It has been nothing but trouble since day one! So far I’ve had to replace the carb to a version 2, replace the fuel tank and now the conrod just snapped a week after I got it! Horizon Hobbies replaced all that for free thankfully but I have a T.N.S Rex Legend 28-8 Nitro ordered for it now and will be so glad to get rid of this piece of junk of an engine! I don’t know what Losi was thinking by doing this! There was some payoffs Involved somewhere in the mix I can assure you! Lol

Motor Fan says:

How much does 1 liter last

Pug says:

The idle screw on a nitro doesbt effect tune either, just keeps the card open.

Casey Howe says:

Is this the same chassie etc. That comes on the electric rtr??

Mattia's Channel says:

Webst Car ever

airbats801 says:

They are going in the right direction, just needs more development. Maybe they should look into diesel conversions.

I really enjoy nitro, but glow plugs sucks, and wish we had a spark or diesel conversion

Nick the Jeep Kid says:

Gas motors are so stupid easy! I wish nitro would become obsolete and be replaced by gas!!!

Acid Shot says:

Whats the price ?

Carl'sOutdoorAdventures says:

It might run faster the higher octane fuel you put in the car to a sertin degree

Krisann Krajewski says:

everyone fails to think. yea gas is cheaper BUT it don’t have the kick and a bigger reason they discontinued is the batterie to coil pack power and
3rd they don’t make an extra buck on nitro sails if we all use gas
one more thing if you can mix 2strok. well then y not mix your own nitro the long run it is a better option

xXG.L.HXx says:

Wow, this quick review sounds just as bad and whiney as when electric guys cry about how “hard” and “messy” nitro engines yet they know nothing about them. Also, I like how Losi did something “crazy” (3:20) simply because they tried to mimic a conventional gasoline engine. What a joke this video is and no, I’m no Losi fanboy.

stfuliberal says:

Is your name Dave, from ancient aliens ?

blue03r6 says:

perhaps a pipe would work. pipes on a nitro are huge tuning aids. pipes come in many shapes for a range of performance

Joe DeJohn says:

Did you go through the break-in procedure all 8 tanks or whatever they recommend with the recommended oil mix? Was it just not enough power and rpms?

Marcos Fulling /CEO says:

If you are running 87 its not going to do well, Make sure you run 91 or better. Two stroke can be finicky especially if you are not used to breaking them in, or are at a higher elevation. Please run 91 and retest and its best not to use gas thats cut with ethanol. Just always remember higher compression you need higher octane and this will reduce detonation or destruction. It will take about 5-10 tanks to break it in and then you will have max HP. You must use the correct fuel though.

REEDOX says:

What rc track r u at it looks like rc madness

ItzDrewDrew says:

Nice review but this rc discontinued so I was wondering if you could review the new one on horizon hobbies the only video on that buggy is some Korean dude unboxing it and I don’t understand it.

Nick the Jeep Kid says:

why did you guys buy dynamite brand oil? you could use any oil meant for a 2 stroke motor and horizon prob. overprices that dynamite oil.

RakinBill says:

Run the proper fuel in it as stated in the manual, and it will run better. It’s just like building a 1000HP engine, and running 87 octane gas in it. Just not going to work.

Paul Chambers says:

did you guys try race gas.

Waiting // Outside says:

Is that the same engine that’s in the XXL LST 2?

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