Losi 1/14 Mini 8IGHT 4×4 RTR Review-Electric Brushless Buggy

After putting the new Losi 1/14 mini 8ight through it’s paces we
have our opinion to share with you. For a mini scale electric
remote control buggy this thing comes out of the box with some
amazing features like 4WD, brushless power, and you even get the
batter you will need for this beast. It comes with a 4500KV motor
spektrum reciever and remote, aluminum threaded shocks and so much

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The rc comment says:

Just bought one of these little guys on Craigslist for $150 and I love it!

Seth Noel says:

you can put any tx/rx combo

mark mdmustaffa says:

what sound is that??? like someone messing with the things around…

Thomas Vids says:

Mini e revo is better

pricelesspits says:

You guys should get a tacon soar and do a comparison. Have both and would like to see you cool dudes 4 cents!

Benjamin Bean says:

pause at 2:38

c studiner says:

if I wanted to run 1/10 scale traxxas wheels on the mini 8ight. What gear ratio should I run?

Olivers Abens says:

is it good for a begginers car?

cdwilliams1 says:

Why does losi keep making all this stuff in weird scales? They need to decide if they’re a toy company or racing company.

NoahStudios says:

Owning both, the XS needs more upgrades out of the box to run correctly. Otherwise there isn’t much comparison because they are 2 radically different classes of vehicle.

kreeper1971 says:

Dude, you gotta give me a bump of that shit. You’re geekin pretty hard. Heh,.. Don’t you hate that drain, when you’re trying not to sniff, but you know everyone might THINK your doing blow if you do? Do you hold it back until your nose is just draining. Did I used to do that? DAMN! Too fucking funny bro!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO

Goprorccar says:

Does this fit standard 2.2 tires

MrMuffanga says:

Well you drive the car stock until something breaks. When it does you upgrade it. Best thing to do.

brutobh says:

which is the better? erevo 1/16 or 8ight mini?thanks

thedirtbikeman47 says:


IAmIronman says:

Wait y is my charger different plz anser

505OutdoorAdventures says:

2:35 illuminati triangle

Polymerclaynemo says:


pricelesspits says:

And….Hell yes im pissed that was offensive….lol

hugin_q3 says:

Nice review guys, this buggy is going to be my next project. Have to be a lot of fun!

GlennH9 says:

I bet the only Reason they made this call was so nosy can make a new brushes system that only fits Missroon because no other companies have a full scale brushless systemsyst

OldManFingerboards says:

please review the losi mini desert truck

4EverInDiamond says:

I am

Cesar Perez says:

Which 2s lipo should I get . Please respond ASAP

Mario Oviedo says:

Is this a good track car for a beginner

Marc Hershey says:

What do you guys think about the differential in it?

IAmIronman says:

I hav this one its my favorite rc nd it fast

luke vos says:

is it waterproof

James Watson says:

do you think you guys will get that new vaterra monster truck coming out soon? Id really like to see a review on it!

prloco510 says:

At Austin Fredericks, try loosening your slipper. Worked for me.

friendofrc says:

Hey Fans of RC-We’ve got several channels and don’t always have time to get back to everyone. We are however ALWAYS in our forum, it’s free and fun. rcnightmareDOTcom/forum

Meebert says:

Also you might want to look into an ofna 1/12 wing they have been a great upgrade for the 1/16 revo

Jacob Parise says:


renagade800xr says:

dont talk about your self that way

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