JJRC Q46 Speed Runner RC Buggy Review 🚗

The Q46 is a 1:12 scale RC buggy with plenty of power and speed.

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Whoa a ground vehicle!

Dangeresque 14 says:

This is way off topic, but is there a chance you will be reviewing Tomoquads new El Camino SS frame? Thanks for all the work you put in for us viewers!

one4all says:

You need a ramp to jump it or go to a race track. More fun that way.

MarreMachine says:

ok. I have had this car for some months now.

Some complaints so far:

– Destroyed one of the springs on second battery. They aren´t durable at all. You need some extras or some that are more durable
– The battery is not 3000mah, it´s more like 1500mah
– I destroyed the rear drive shaft after fourth battery. The shafts with the pin is crap, because they added like 150g of weight plates inside. This to make it not flip over so fast. Even then, it flips over all the time. Get som metal shafts to get it to last longer
– The rear axel gears are made of plastic and are easly broken, i broke mine after about 15 batteries.

Good things:

– The motor in this one is awesome and strong
– Most fun to drive on gravel/dirt road, and there it stays on the wheels all the time. Dirt drifting is awesome, because of the weight.
– The FAST speed. It goes about 22 mph / 35km/h

Syafiq Sohaimi says:

Nice review…love to see more of rc cars/buggy in future

Meru Fpv says:

I really like your laid back calm style of reviewing things.
But please don’t waste time on reviewing crap. Honestly this is just toy grade!! Looks good but that’s it!

CozzFPV says:

No turtle mode?

Isaac Lyons says:

Looks fun!

TheWinterfan says:

Is it waterproof?

Cockroach FPV says:

Fpv it albert :-),. Its awsome

RikkTheGaijin says:

Albert, I’m looking for an RC car like this for my 6yo. Do you recommend this one or for the same money is there a better one? I know nothing about RC cars.

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

Probably thermal shutdown on the ESC/rx combo at first albert. Has all the symptoms of that problem with that unit. Most of the type have that problemwhen pushed hard but this seems to be particularly susceptible. Later, as you suggest, the battery died it seems.
It doesn’t seem as competent as some other models of the same type and whilst it could be easily modded (most components are fairly generic) you’d be starting off at lower level.

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