HPI-Racing – Baja Q32 – Review and Run

Link to purchase from TowerHobbies.com:
RTR ($60) – http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXEWRT&P=ML

The Baja Q32 is a 1:32 scale 2WD buggy.

-Flyin’ Ryan

HPI’s webpage for the Q32:

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PrajzyCZ says:

u can use lego tires on it

Adam Ghafoor says:

Nice little RC but still not faster than my traxxas xo-1 that goes up to 100 mph get wrecked

Alex piv says:

Hey idea… Try removing wheels and spraying them fully with plastidip it will give a rubbery coating and can be removed fron all smooth surfices.also foam tyres can be turned inside out and re applied

Donna Jones says:

It is sow small

Lance H says:

not your favorite good review from a real RC hobbyist

BrkTnl says:

Foam tires, not include usb and comes with ramp-box(?) and its price are very disappointing. I think wl toys l939 is more attractive than baja. very nice review btw

Tito Nogueira says:

wish there was a 4wd version of this. proportional all around…

Reb Mariano says:

so tiny and yet so many to say about it than the TLR…or Team associated…

Tomas Hopper says:

I appreciate the video but I think this was meant for indoor use. A better outside truck/car would be the losi 1/36 that offers upgrades etc…this is a 60 buck no upgrade indoor car sort of like the mini Hubsan quadcopters. I wouldnt bang on the Hubsan because it flew like crap outside when its awesome indoors. Use it as it is designed!

Joe Federico says:

its basically an airhogs hyper active

Jerry Smith says:

well….makes a great cat hair picker upper!

BubMcZombieface says:

I can help explain my dislike, you’re being very critical of a low level RC Car. It is under 50 bucks. It flies, it looks cool, it’s made for indoors and foam tires are perfect for carpet. I would suggest saying all the positives first then let the -fly after that. That’s not me trolling, just sharing my .02.

Bret Coleman says:

Terrible review!!!! GREAT LITTLE CAR!! GREAT PRICE! FUN STICKERS!! FUN GREAT HANDLING! For a 1/32 you wont find a better car!

vangaurd2005 s says:

you dont got to put stikers

Holy says:

I feel anyone wanting small should get micro t

2boyswithrc's 89 says:

laughing huh? funny that…my micro dt would outrun the shit you use so put that in your bowl and shmoke it…


wat is the best rc cars under 25$

model nutty says:

way late comment now, but on road cars (or teeny ones) are awesome on tennis courts

BriaN says:

I would think these tiny rc cars would be a LITTLE cheaper…

Its Supreme 速配热了 says:

It’s so small wtf

Matt Petch says:

I’m a bit confused by the price and quality complaints. I’m looking for a sub $100 RC car that my son can buy with his pocket money. Most, if not all seem to be junk. This looks like it has a good degree of performance and quality for the price when compared to other similarly priced items I can find. Are there better alternatives in this price range?


Is this worth it

Dominic Bustamante says:

foam tires are designed for carpet racing and concrete, and not aspalt and wooden smooth surfaces. i think for the price that is good, because i have seen those Nikko and Tyco brand rc cars sell for at least $20.

Rhxnia Cecece says:

very very cool!!!!

dingle berry says:

it looks so fun, I want one

jaco8511 jaco8511 says:

Do you have a bandit rc car

RC New Tech says:

amazing video moi aussi j’en ai fais

Jason Valot says:

we didn’t always have as many parts available, foam tires are old school 90s indoor rc racing… your supposed to smear thin coat of silicone sealant on face of them night before race, thick coat for everyday use, superior tack for indoor racing on smooth surfaces such as wood or tile

Garnet Maloughney says:

socks ans sandals?

Wyatt Thayne says:

LOL bring it to class during a test

Tito Nogueira says:

All of these tiny baja buggies remind me of tomy GX buggy

Bass82 bass82 says:

I think you might go working at hpi to do better, cause it seems that this rc q32 it’s just not adapted to your style…. Foam tires will always slide on the road, it’s not a negative point because it’s on foam tires. Foam tires that do not last long, now it’s a real issue.

Soldier1287 says:

i wonder how antenna/range mods differ from their 2.4ghz drone counterparts. I have a x5c-1 and cx10.  getting this and car in a box

Rayxl1 says:

Has it got reverse? This would save alot of hassle.

ChronoFury says:

Great content (i have the petrol 1/5th scale)

Lucas F. says:

Rest in peace Losi Micro T, you will be missed.

Yoloboy says:

Does it have proportional power ( forwards backwerds?)

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