HBX T6 1/6 Scale HUGE RC Buggy – Unboxing and In-Depth Look

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Well this is definitely a unique looking RC car. Not only is it massive at 1/6th scale but it packs some punch with a 160amp Hobbywing ESC capable of 6s power!

Also for the size it is really great value.

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Ra y says:

This is overpriced. The build quality doesn’t match the price tag.

Ginger Ninja says:

That looks sick

Eminus King says:

drive video

Desmond Mitchell says:

for anyone with a vkar bison that want parts its the same thing as a helion 410 tr if anyone didnt know

Tybos RcMotorsports says:

Dude. That is sweet.

RC Bulldog says:

good looking buggy , too bad it’s not 4×4 but then the price would be higher.It resembles the Capo Ace which is twice the price. HBX has stepped up with this model.

KillerOffRoadHobbyz says:

Super happy to see you got this I’ve been looking at it for a while. Looks very cool and fun! Killer video Steve.

RakinBill says:

I hope it’s a good car for the price.
Are the batteries held in place pretty well? Do they move around after you put the holder back in place? My worries are that the batteries will move around under there.
Nice car all around, thanks for the video.

sudhanshu prajapati says:

wao sir amazing

ruben mendez says:

is there spare parts available for this buggy

ThatsMyRc says:

another great review! Cant wait to you run the be-jesus out of it too see how it holds up..

sudhanshu prajapati says:

Pocholo Pascual says:

can i use the rear tire in erevo 10 scale?

RC Team Austria says:

nice review

mark clausson says:

That has to be the ugliest and cheapest looking rc I have ever seen.

Junior Ellis says:

The roof is a bit concerning thou 🙂

ruben mendez says:

you got to. do a test run soon please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

madcowAU says:

Hi Steve, whats the difference between this bad boy and the hammerhead version? I am thinking of getting one, love the 1/6 size

B_12 says:

13th! I win

Lee Wood says:

Awsome ride mate here in the uk it goes under the company name FTX good unboxing dude 😉 .

jan erik skogmo mod-56 says:

This comes from Banggood right?…same problem whith spareparts as with the Vkar Bison then i guess..? If you have any contact with them…kick theyr behind ,and tell them to hurry up please…looks like they`re not listening to me..Thank you..

CCxRC says:

Nice unboxing. Not necessarily my favorite looking vehicle, but i like that they built it around a full interior. Looks like they put the steering wheel on the wrong side. haha

DiizzyFVR4 says:

Never mind just noticed that you put a picture of the Traxxas x-maxx nest to the Hbx.

Moto- Boy says:

How much did U pay for it

Greg Ashcraft says:

the steering wheel is on the wrong side !!! wth

John Smith says:

it’s bout the size of a losi lst xxl2?

DiizzyFVR4 says:

+Rc Tanks & Trucks 24/7 Can you do a size comparison of this car and the traxxas x-maxx pls.

Diego Lopez says:

I recommend the redcat shredder 4wd 1/6 scale monster truck

Harvz B says:

Does it have nitro version?

jan erik skogmo mod-56 says:

You do a great job…and i have to find the money..

Phillip Lyn says:

How much is it going for hope it’s a very reasonable maybe going for starting about three hundred

SHAYEN 2320 says:

Its certainly a way out there design different to anything else that’s out at the moment I am looking forward to watching the running video seeing at top speed and seeing if it withstands The Steve Test (evil laugh)

Auri Ventris says:

Just got mine, when i move the car forward/Backwards etc it sounds like the spur gear or something is grinding, like a stuck clicking sound of metal, is this normal?

rhampton1914 says:

I like your choice of Music in the beginning…

live4marilyn says:

Does it fit 1/6 scale figures?

Jack Maddren says:

Great video, You have earned a subscriber!

Alpha Machina says:

Sick wheels.

Hammer Home says:

Cool but over priced for a buggy that is lower in fit and finish quality than Redcat , $700 US seems steep for this 2wd
IMO it would sell much better around $500

Cherry Gil Maglambayan says:

It looks like a capo ace 1!!!#$%£€*!

Travon Avery says:

how much does it weigh?

Greg Ashcraft says:

im kinda disappointed with all the plastic for the price i wont be buying this one

rc mustsee says:

Funky looking… and i don’t see that plastic roof lasting too long. great video!

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