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Team Associated has been long known for its radio control racing cars and their slew of national and worlds championship titles proves they know a thing or two about RC competition. They have always used that knowledge to produce high-end racing machines, and now they’re concentrating hard on delivering a great racing platform for those who want to try racing without the big price tag attached. Team Associated as released the Club Racer line that bridges the gap between ready to run and all out racing kit. The B64 Club Racer here is a quality race kit with some impressive Reedy race electronics included that won’t make you wince at the cost. This kit is a real deal and to show you that we took some time to unbox this recently released machine and show you what’s inside. Whether you are an established racer or a first time kit builder, the Club Racer just may be the perfect machine to hit the track with for some racing action.

Product: B64 Club Racer
By: Team Associated
Part Number: #90016
Price: $489.99
Link to buy:

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Luis Madrigal says:

You should have stated that the Team Kit isn’t exactly the same as the Club Racer,the Team kit includes metal gears etc

hunter bundy says:

Will you show us the finished product and race it

Bucks RC World says:

lots of aluminum in this kit!! looking forward to the build!!

Braedon Fralick says:

Huntingbear378 has an awesome vid of slash bashing, check it out

doelie80 says:

Good video . I Just started racing here in Belgium : i got the b64d team ,I really like the overall look and feel of it ,build was fun and drives brilliant, only thing is the parts are hard to come bye over here , hope that will change in the future,

charged effects says:

what ties and wheels did u get?

Snap-On kid says:

What scale is it??

RcBoomer Garage says:

First one

Ron Bernard says:

Only 2 cell compatibility speed control ?

Richard Carter says:


denis glushchenko says:

What kind of wheels should i get for it and were?

CDDvids says:

Could you tell us exactly what tools (drivers) are needed for this build? I’m assuming hexes in 1.5 and 2 mm and sockets in 5.5 and 7 mm. Looking at tool kits and they all seem to come with a bunch of tools that are not needed for this and I would rather spend the money on the exact few tools I need from MIP than buy a cheaper kit with tools I don’t need. Thanks.

Casey Rauchwarter says:

I wish there were more local tracks. I’ve thought about opening one but it’s just a dream.

Decaf says:

Awesome video! i have a question for you. Do you think amazon rc cars would be good to buy?

Justin says:

Where’s the update!

lordraptor11 says:

yeah well that $60 increase is to much the reedy electronics included are absolute crap, ive seen cheap chinese units that outlast the reedy stuff

Styme 7272 says:

Doesn’t alluminum bend with the impact of some wreacks? People think their plastic or composite broke so they replace it or the part but what happens is the stronger material such as aluminium withstands the impact but BENDs in the long run and causes more problems…this is true correct??

Fludderlumpagoose Thethird says:

Man cars are expencive…did i win a car by posting? Whorayyy?

Joshua avalos768 says:

If you live in downtown San Jose on Google Maps there’s this thing or hobby shop called North Cal hobby shop and Raceway you can race your truck and even get yourself a new truck

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