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The Very Cool and Huge RC Truggy (RC Truck Mixed with an RC Buggy) Force RC MuckRaker 1/8 Scale was a LOT of fun in our speed test video, but now we really get to open it up with some Bashing Fun! This is a RTR 4X4 fast RC that comes in right under $300 which is pretty amazing if you ask us! 100% electric, and just a beast! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Buy it here:
Buy the batteries here (we ran 2 of them is series):
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Intro and Outro Animation –

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Eric Rogers says:

Great video guys!

William Freeze says:

What a beautiful truggy

Alex Rychlik says:


jodyjoe28 says:

How easy would it be to put fpv on this?

Uriah Wilson says:

Hey guys I’m late to the party, but I was wondering since I’ve seen this run on 3s, think it could run on 2s? I’m trying to find something big and durable to give to my son once he’s ready for it, but I don’t want to get to to top speed until he’s older.


Is is bigger then the ARMMA Outcast?

Eric Tukes says:


Smile more Ethan says:


JPRam says:

Nice truggy and great video!

Leonardo DaHumanoid says:

Let er rip Abby. I’ve been grinning ever since that thing took off. I would like to see u 2 set up a track there and run both trucks or truggys. That apparently came well set up from the factory.

Fast Dude 42 says:

Do a review on mini z

Itsyourboy Tommy says:

I see a disc golf basket!!


Hi guys, great truggy!! I got my DHK Zombie for $300 and its a 1/8 scale beast like this truck!! I’ve had my Zombie for a year now and not one thing has broken yet with around 80 runs on it!! Oh and I have bashed the crap outa the Zombie!! I will be looking into the Epidemic!!

Don Collins says:

Abby did a barrel roll!

Ben Byrd says:


Brian Thompson says:

at least 30 or 40 or 50 buck $

Peter Seymour says:

Thats sick it reminds me of the arrma talion. Anyone who cant afford an arrma that wants one should go buy this, abbys drivings getting better to.
awesome video

Sepp Hermann says:

Is it possible to drive with 6s ?

Bret Rishel says:

Thanks for explaining parallel and series a bit. I’m still a lil confused on what parallel looks like tho.

pingvin king says:

Pliss give mi this car❤

ReturnToRClife QQ says:

She’s a much better driver. She knows how to have fun with it.

Austin N says:

Wtf $299

RC-Action! says:

Can you do a speed run for this truggy?

David Thomas says:

I wonder what would happen if you tried to follow it with a Mavic 2 pro on Active Track?

Kevin Hutchinson says:

I want to see a review on super baja rey.

truth seeker1995 says:

It’s nice to see Abby really throttling the truggy and pushing it to the limit. That’s how my wife and I run our cars ALL the time. Go big or go home! Lol. Rc’s are meant to do the fun things we can’t do with real cars. Seems to take it very well though. Good quality for the money. 4s brushless is a blast. Nice video.

Sue Sue says:


Lokithecat says:

thats a MAN’S truck there missy 😀 nate needs a big boy too.


That kinda has a outcast bottom plate and a MT8E body. Kinda of a mix of arrma and redcat.

Austin N says:

Guessing around $500

Austin N says:

Wtf did I buy a Vxl 2wd traxxas slash

Johnathan Du Plessis says:

Love this truck. Great job guys!

joe smith says:

Are parts readily available? How would you compare this to the dhk zombie or jbl cheetah?

Josh eggz says:

Looks like a kraton knock off to me?

Jeckler says:

13:30 ish. Wow, she cleared it.2 seconds later, Nate: wow, you cleared that. You guys are cool. 🙂

Steve Leahy says:

I use those batteries in my XMAXX they haven’t puffed like the junk Traxxas batteries I love the 50 c discharge

Roger Penndorf says:

A Muckraker is a person who is always stirring IT up

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