Fast Racing RC Buggy!! Optimus XL REVIEW

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This fast racing, drifting off-roading RC buggy is a ton of fun!
-DHK HOBBY 8381, 1/8th scale
-4WD, Dual 3,200 mAh Lipo batteries
-Motor: 2030KV brushless
-ESC: HOBBYWING 100A brushless waterproof
-Drive time: 20-45+ minutes
-Max speed: ~40 MPH

*Speed Gun (Pocket Radar) I use:

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When she gives the succ says:

I just a got a swagtron swagger (monorover r4+) and you convinced my family to get it for me!!!

Clio 16V says:

4s AND 39 MPH

santosh singh says:

it’s the best buggy I got it in gift

Ohm Patel says:

+AuthenTech – Ben Schmanke
What do you recommend? Optimus or bison

Lander F says:

Good review, can you run this buggy on a single 4s lipo?

serg .pro1 says:

can you do a hpi savage xs flux please? i love your reviews and they will definitely help me decide whether or not to buy one

Redcat Roostertail says:

wow me and my son love your vids! your cool! are these cars affordable? we are so interested to get

Angelica Zeideia says:


Peter Salter says:

Hey Ben! I Love the video, and I especially like your channel! I am a fellow RC hobbyist myself. I saw that your buggy was jerked around a lot, so if you want to make the suspension better for those bumps, you’re going to want to first of all, loosen the springs (which you probably already know), and second of all, buy some shock oil that is less weight (for example: 20 or 30 weight). Good luck with your channel and hobbies!
(P.S.) I’m looking forward to more videos from you! 🙂

Isi St. says:

Can you make a video with bigger tires?

O Colon says:

Ben love the vids I really link you should invest in a 3d printer one I just got of amazon for $200 is called the davinci jr by xyz printing love the vids keep up the good work and keep making videos

crazy gamer bob says:

dam nice

Alan Schmanke says:

smoking it Ben – great vid!!

Petra Zonta says:

i hope that you are going to make more videos that are SOOOOOO good like this one!!!!!! Btw i love your chanel

MasterXdatoy says:


TheCloudyFalcon says:

sorry if I didn’t make it look like that I love your vids but just put that. you do a great job just so you know. I will be back for more 😀

hung ngo says:

can you do a giveaway ? I can’t really afford theses kind of things .

Owen Loveless says:

I love your channel you make fantastic reviews and you informed me to buy the lucatan s912

Raju Jain says:

best car ever

Andre Doss27 says:

please do a giveaway I really want an rc I only had but it was slow

Deimis jacasvease says:

it is very good that you give us the link.Thanks

messy hitz Streams says:

so cool I have a petrol one

Logan Smith says:

U don’t pronounce last s in chassis

Elijah Pinales says:

I race my rc at 42mph lol

Thaclaw jr says:

for the price of one of these just buy a traxxas slash

Joe Nathan7 says:

Could I have that cat

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

Check current price here:

Oskar RC says:

Do you seriously charge the batteries while they’re still in the car?

Adarsh Pai says:

Is there speer control

MACH 10 says:

nailed it man speechless

Joe Nathan7 says:


João Fernandes says:

esta muito bom o teu vídeo

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