I review the brand new fast lane rc sand shark


Chris Bell says:

Do a video of how to install headlights on it.

D Sc says:

what is the runtime ? for that money you can get a wltoys hobby grade rc 1/12 scale. I got the 12423 short course truck for 50 Uk pounds delivered. 30mph,4 WD, rtr. full parts backup, upgrades etc

Julian Morales says:

is the front wheels that makes the big effect

tiker says:

is it waterproof?

MonicasLife says:

Around $54 including U.S tax just bought from toy r us

Break The Bricks Down says:

This actually looks really sick! So it’s at ToysRus for 50$. Right?

Max Power says:

that thing looks pretty quick for the price. the only thing keeping me from giving this video a thumbs up is the annoying music played twice as loud as you telling us about the car (unfortunately very common on youtube.)

Fun Toys And Gaming says:

I even used my sands shark today

Andrew Ortiz says:

its a good car overall but the material is not all that good its brittle i broke the steering mechanism twice on mine and then the left rear camber arm cracked aswell but theyre on the right track with this one because it goes real fast and is pretty responsive and the signal is strong and has a good radius aswell

nexogaming634 pro says:

i got it for cristmas today

RC Bulldog says:

you can get a 4×4 litehawk Baja for around the same price.

Rick Sanchez says:

Wow thanks my son will love it.

Valentin Notreami says:

c quoi la musique svp

Jacob Chisholm says:

get traxxs cars they go 30 mph and up slash hydroplane can run on water and traxxs xo-1 goes 100 mph and up like if you think he should review traxxs

Armaan Gaming says:

Stop using annoying music pls

Gamer Dad says:

can it go on short grass?

Fun Toys And Gaming says:

My sand shark literally is indestructible, a car even ran over it and it still worked. It only crushed one of the wheels

Yusof Abdullah says:

dude mine i just brouht it at toys r us ….. and it also take an 4 hours for the blue bettery …☺☺

simon Faulkner says:

where can I get an extra battery? I can’t find these batteries anywhere


Alguien sabe cuanto tiempo se tienen que dejar cargando la bateria?… Nuevo el carrito es bueno dejar agotar la bateria o ponerlo a cargar???? hola

BriaN says:

Remember the new bright mud slinger? Yeahhhh…. much better than that thing

Julian Morales says:

and yeah if it was 4wheel drive would have been better for the size of the front wheels

Gamer Dad says:

hey mine is kinda turning forwards the left on its own right out of the box. is that something that you experience too ? its not a lot but it is noticeable

Chris Bell says:

I wish rc cars had real headlights.

James Williams says:

Nice review and does look like fun on loose dirt…have you tried a WLToys L939 yet? Extreme speed and full proportional, but only for smooth surfaces.

Doggy swag says:

I got it for $35

Gamer Dad says:

dude. mine broke. wheel flew out . haven’t even had itv2 weeks

AJ Productions says:

I got it but it broke right away

Diamond King says:

I have the sand shark

Ivan Laguna says:

hola cuanto dura la autonomia

James Williams says:

What these toy car makers need to realize is that proportional steering and speed control is critical to producing a “real” rc vehicle.

Jg3000 says:

Pretty solid for toy grade.

Seth Reeves says:

My fastlane sand shark broke on the left tire turning substance broke on it

Yajat Shirpurkar says:

I just wanted to know that if I get TWO sand sharks, will there be any problems with the radio like one remote controlling both cars.
thanks in advance

Gamer Dad says:

any rc you can recommend me that can go on grass and go decently quick? this one didn’t do so well. but I wanna keep the same one.

Nilan Charles says:

How many mph do this car have hope he has the same mph like USAin bolt

omar mendez says:

I have it, and honestly, the 2wd make it fun! It burns rubber like a hotrod and rooster tails the dust in gravel! Fun!

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