Dromida Truggy Buggy Review:Around Tuit RC

Candy and I had a great time with these RC trucks and buggies.For $120 RTR (Ready To Run) it is a good deal.

We tested these bad boys you can’t go wrong with them.

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Eric Jordon

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shadab k says:

Great review.Hope you guys have a great year ahead and we can have some super great videos.cheers

THEw5000 says:

I own the dromida buggie.

alex says:

Mine broke any help:-(

Matthew Fant says:

I can’t wait to see that beautiful extra plane in the background! Gorgeous!

startazz says:

That’s a good deal for someone new getting into the hobby Eric,Shaun has really grown up from the first time we use to see him in your videos.

Thanks for sharing.

step aside or take a stride by Gary Ferguson says:

The tire tread on the right side of the truggy is backwards

FHRC Brony Radio Control and Cars says:

Will you do reviews on Traxxas products as well?


Very nice little cars! Is it your son with you at the end?
Tnaks for sharing and happy sunday

rcoconut says:

I like the price!!!  Nice review you guys!!  Definitely time to put your micro FPV on there & chase Shawn???  Or maybe let Candy FPV for the ramp, LOL, good video you guys!!!  Thanks for the review!

jack boss says:

great video therfore I subscribed

geneticallyinferior1 says:

are you gonna let your son(?) fly ant planes?

Jordmate says:

That sure looks like great fun – Candy drives like a daemon. Looks very dry there in Georgia.  Love the Trucks!

Samuel Rapa says:

Nice. Might buy one to try my fpv on it.

Adam Richmond says:

hello i have a dromida dt and i had a run away the throttle went wide open and i couldnt turn. it was heading full speed to a busy road it verd of corse smashed into a wall and was still wide open throttle till i disconected the battery do u have any idea what could of cused it when i pluged battery back in it worked fine

beech18s says:

Nice trucks Eric. And I like the inflatable Christmas Heli in your front yard.   Tom

Steve Hallman says:

Great looking truck and buggy. I like the build. Great video.

Billy Ray says:

Just picked up a Desert Buggy from Tower, bought it to run inside during the winter. This thing is a blast!

Earthling1984 says:

fun video! I like that buggy.

Jorge gutierrez says:


ZML Channel says:

Cool but charge time isn’t to good

FLEA says:

Nice vid man so wich one should I get

Melanie Simpson says:

Thanks for the great review.I just bought the exact two for our grandsons. What battery charger would you recommend to charge the batteries a little faster. What can I do to get longer running times? Larger battery? If so what kind?…thanks…I’m very new to this.

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