Crazon 1 32 Scale RC Car Drive Test Review

This cheap little RC car is very fast for its size. Find it here ($5 off with coupon LQPCAR5) Also available on Amazon here and here

– Fast little car
– Cheap
– Tough. Easily withstood high speed impacts into concrete wall.
– Charges in the field through the controller
– Comes with six course cones and a jump ramp
– Does not require FAA registration 😉

– Steering is not very proportional. Very easy to over correct and spin out at high speeds (best driven at lower speeds for control).
– Does not come with a USB charger. Must be charged through the controller and its AA batteries. Although rechargeable batteries aren’t recommended, you can use them. It’s just that the car’s battery won’t reach full charge for max drive time with NiMH batteries.

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It’s soooooooo slow

Cayden Thompson says:

I’m going to Ridgecrest today, tbh not a very big city, still bigger than LP though!

Mr.IDEA! says:

I subbed nice video &

Tanner Olson says:

It is bad

Aloha Villarobe says:


Flave Bayou says:

HI my first time on YouTube

Dr.Hacker says:

have you guys seen my last video
how to make RC Car

Blaine De yager says:

I have the same one I love it

Flave Bayou says:


Dan Strong says:

That little thing is fast, looks hard to drive. But kids could it good.

crazzylee says:

Not great. Steering sucks

Rebecca Thomas says:


Ravae Anderson says:


Lucas Bochat says:

Does that look like a “skate ramp” I hate it when people say crap like this

Javier Jaquez says:

How much does it take to charger

Flave Bayou says:

me like small car

Flave Bayou says:

so cute

Some Asshole says:

Does it not have any proportional steering at all? I have similar (older) variations of this buggy from different companies and none of them have it, but this company’s promotional video distinctively showcases proportional steering.

SwapnilNimbalkar says:

So they give you 6 vlc players with that car.

Trey's Video Art says:

Looks like Leroy Jackson Park. I’ll be there this weekend flying my Phantom.

leon0247 says:

it pretty quick it needs a little hard packed dirt to race on

timidbuck says:

Looks like it could use softer tires.

SQU1RT5 says:

You brought up the Steering Trim, but never actually adjusted it. Would have prevented it from constantly spinning out of control. =]

Yayat Hidayat says:

Can u can calibrate or tune that thing?

N for Noah says:

can you imagine what the people skating at that park thought of a tie died shirt rc enthusiast

Bill N says:

JUNK!! Save your $20.00 !!

Canal Lenk Lenk says:


dieseltrane656 says:

this remind me of guys who spend $300.+ to buy a 1/8 fast electric car and demolish it the 1st time they run it 50-60MPH.

RandomWisdom says:

If you kick it hard enough, it flies like a quad for a few seconds 😀 But anyway I often saw discussions in forums that actually driving RC cars is harder than to fly a quad. Especially doing jumps and balancing with torque. I thought that was not true until I tried one, and yes, it’s hard, especially for FPV only flyer 🙂

that secret ninja says:

I thought it looked familiar lmao I live there. it should look familiar.

Flave Bayou says:

this cool car me buy

PROFENG755 says:

If you dont have enough drones to review, why dont you get together with a few folks and do a drone war with all those surplus drones. Crash em into each other and see what survives…… Lol

mikki mf says:

Does this have a return to home and failsafe

Tessa Brooks says:

Drive the car

Flave Bayou says:

nice my man

Aloha Villarobe says:


Gamer-GTR says:

good video
but with the rc car its not quadcopter101 any more it have to be rc101!!!

Flave Bayou says:

I am going to buy it for free

Marco Palladino says:

Hey my names is Marco , i’m italian and this is my last video.

Flave Bayou says:

it is so cute

Flave Bayou says:

do I have to write a comment

Blaine De yager says:

The shearing sucks tho

Tiarnan Bourke says:


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