Beginners 1/20 2WD 2.4G High Speed RC Racing Buggy RTR Review

Today we are checking out a 1/20 scale starter RC car from Banggood! Suitable for Beginners.

Here is the detail and the site link!

1/20 2WD 2.4G High Speed RC Racing Buggy Car Off Road RTR

Material: Plastic, electronic components
Color: Green
Packing Box Size: 45 * 10 * 32.5cm
Product size: 22 * 14 * 7.5cm
Remote Control Size: 15 * 12.5 * 8.5cm
Size is manual measurement, allowing some error.
Performance: forward, backward, turn left, turn right, brake
Remote distance: about 50 meters
The remote control Working: 2 AA battery (1.5V)
Uses: Collection, contests, decoration

Remote distance up to 50 meters, Alone on the frequency, can reach 20 cars at the same time.
Built UBS direct charge, charging more convenient, you can connect a variety of USB adapters, computers, mobile power.
Flexible car shell, explosion-proof anti-fall, anti-extrusion, will not be deformed.
Exquisite gift box packaging, to send their children, send to firends, giving their boyfriends.

Product details:
① High power motor
The fastest speed of 25KM / H, super large motor force.
② High-capacity lithium battery
Built-in 500 mA high-capacity lithium batteries, environmentally safe, durable, fast and convenient charging.
③ Housing protection
Toy car shell PVC material, flexible and strong. The main body is made of ABS material, non-toxic, tasteless, safety and environmental protection.
④ Suspension shock absorber system
Independent suspension suspension system that allows the car at high speed, the control vibration, more stable, reducing damage to the remote control car.
⑤ Rubber tires
Tire use of rubber materials, clear lines, wear-resistant, can easily adapt to the rugged terrain.

Package included:
1x remote control car
1x Remote Control


A. Martins says:

Por quanto tempo tem que deixar carregando? Já deixei po 1 hora e não deu sinal de vida…

lexpertsl says:

Does anyone know..?
If I would buy two of these red/green could I race them at the same time?
or they would have the same frequency and that would be impossible?

Technical Kids says:

Hello can this car run on rocks very easilt

spic gamer says:

that was my first rc

spic gamer says:

that was my first rc

babacar Fall says:

please help me when i on the remote It keeps flashing red light

some guy says:

any problems

Rookie says:

is it fast??

MASTER OF LEGENDS Srivardhan says:

is it a rock crawler

Ibrahim Ali says:

15$ sale

Bloxy Guy says:

I watch this coz I bought it from amazon 2day ago

D.Carlos Fernado says:

Is that car has speed control


nice i want one

Shubhangi Shivkar says:

My crazor phantom 7 will crush it . Phantom’s speed is 20 kmph

Dr.dragster says:


Owen Plays says:

I live in Michigan nice shirt

some guy says:

is it good

zach pendleton says:

yall r starting to lean more towards the cheap toy gradish stuff


i got that car in Honduras and it was 500 lempiras

Jamie Young says:

as much as I only own hobby grade rc cars I love how you are making toy grade videos as its helping bring more younger people into the rc community, good work Stupid Fast Rc

bax will says:

How fast is it

ProPixelGamer says:

How long are you suppose to charge it?????:)

Reds Graal/CHEVY SILVERADO says:


Mr. Simple110 says:

How to upgrade this car??

Cheamran Chepa says:

how long are you suppose to charge it?

A. Martins says:

How long do you have to leave carrying? I already left for 1 hour and did not give a sign of life …

Christy Puquiz says:

I had dat

Charlie G says:


Brandon Shepherd says:


Rc Reviewer says:

Subscribe to my channel which reviews rc vehicles

Florencia Abril Camacho Gonzales says:


Prano YT says:

could you please give me at least an idea or a web link of upgrading this car? thank you

MASTER OF LEGENDS Srivardhan says:

is it a rock crawler

Bossagamer45 says:

What is the wight thing on the bottom that adjust the steering?

Ryan Kay says:

is it proportional speed throttle

Ibrahim Ali says:

I have this one it’s from the entertainer

Matty ???? says:

i got for £15 and it uses batteries

ドリフトΔΤΙSΥ/OTS says:

I love how Tom said buggy thing i was dying laughing

parrxx 2 says:

can it perform drift

Bossagamer45 says:

I mean white.

Sachin Soblayeck says:

How to upgrade it

Ashraf Mahmood says:

i love RC car remote control

Yo Sin Mas says:

how many mph

parrxx 2 says:

can I upgrade this car?

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