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The Fastest RC Ground Vehicle to hit TheRcSaylors channel, hitting nearly 50 mph right out of the box with only an upgraded battery, The Arrma Raider XL BLX. This is a 1/8th scale RC Buggy, rear wheel drive, that is begging to hit the road the minute it gets a fresh charge! Completely RTR (ready to run) you almost can’t go wrong by adding this to your RC collection or even hitting this hobby hard as a first RC! Let’s take a closer look at the Arrma Raider XL BLX with Nate and Abby of TheRcSaylors for a full review!

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Charger we use –

3s battery we used –


Clam9011 says:

hey guys! i got a GoPro for christmas and made an on board edit for this car which without your reviews i probably wouldn’t have gotten. Can you check it out and tell me what you think?

Dire Wolfy says:

I would donate but I can’t

Deonte Del Peloso says:

This vid was so so helpful

devilicous says:

Apparently i am a lot rougher on mine. first day i broke lots of parts off of it and that’s just on 2s. Still a fast buggy thought that’s for sure. In your video you mention lots of upgrade parts available….where? all i can find is factory replacement. the parts I’ve broken like rear c-hubs and front shock tower mounts…i would love some aluminum replacements?

Sandra Qi says:

If i replace the shocks will this car be good for long high jumps? is it well balanced??

Steve RC says:

Watching the video reminds me I’ve got to get my Raider rollin’, thx for the motivation. And you’re spot on on those spares from Tower, and shipped quickly to getcha rollin’ again!
Sorry about your Angel Tree guys, straight up I’ve got 2 BILs who unfortunately passed on leaving behind 3 teenagers and they are our charity.

mike Hagquist says:

it’s 8 scale with a 10 scale motor.

Husky Studios says:

I like how it’s a 1/Popeye scale car, it’s a great size indeed 😉

Fausto Carvajal says:

Does the extra battery (3s) extend the life of play?

Sylvain Arseneault says:

Realy Good Job , me i play whit Yetty and Drone Phantom2′ , imlove this

Batoi says:

hey before purchase it I would like to know if this buggy is solid ? thanks 🙂

Brian Shafer says:

Ok. Torn between this and the Granite. I know you’ve reviewed both. If you could only have one? Not interested in max speed. Just fun.

TheAbbyTwirls says:

This is a horrible thumbnail of me, Nathaniel.
Good job editing this baby! <3 you!

Kraavchenko Kamirov says:

I just bought the Brushed version, but I have a 4300kv brushless I am going to toss in, and run a 3S. It may exceed 60+. LOL

ronald jackson says:

Oh my god I drove the raider today and you guys are right it is fast, it’s like the hobbyking rattler only difference is its 2wd. Great great car but unfortunately 3 minutes into my fun I broke the rear ball pin from the axle mount, but luckily I have a distributor near my house.

ronald jackson says:

Ok cool thanks, hey also you guys should checkout the hobbyking Rattler 1/8. I got it and on 3s it’s a blast and fast. Change out the ESC from the 35a and put a 80 to 100a and you will be impressed. And the price of $150.00 RTR you can’t beat it.

X-FLIGHT101 says:

I can see a cool looking plane in the top right of the screen on that shelf, what is it?

Gary Regier says:

How would you compare this rc car to a traxxas slash?

Marcus Ross-Harris says:

You should race all your rc cars 🙂 Uk sub

MyRcking says:

One last thought. They have over 11,000 subscribers. Now if everyone give $1 you do the math. Thats $1 not to much to ask.

Max Alley says:

can you do a review on s37 rc helicopter plz it is a good helicopter

Willie Walley says:

I am getting the Prophet Sport Duo, I do not have that big of a battery

Husky Studios says:

I found the rc sunfire buggy by exeed rc to be really amazing, you can check it out and maybe review it if you’d like for others 😀

Cole J. says:

I wish I had the money to get one of these awesome rc

Midwest Rc Bashers says:

Just ordered one guys!

Nate Brenneman says:

If you could order an ESC, receiver and servo from ARRMA it would only take you about 20-30 min to swap them out with the broken ones on your other Raider. Just remember how you took the old parts off and reverse the process to put the new parts on. Nice review as always 🙂

Jason Haywood says:

Love your page. Thanks for being so informative.

Curtis Taylor says:

how long do your battery supposed to last

ronald jackson says:

Yes sir anytime

Amir Moore says:

I’m thinking if I should get a buggy

NiTrO says:

what is better this or the FTX sidewinder?

Midwest Rc Bashers says:

I can’t wait!! I already have 2 1/10 raiders, a fury and a granite haha love arrma.. Thanks for responding it means a lot!! Love ur channel! Also getting the Nero soon:)

Taylor Banks says:

What would u say is better the Senton or the raider for bashing

ronald jackson says:

Yeah I can’t wait, so you all are running a 5000mah 3s 11.4v battery

ronald jackson says:

Hey did you all have to bind the radio to the receiver and did you have to program the speed control to run a lipo battery and all the other speed control settings

ronald jackson says:

is the raider still running, I just ordered mines tonight. been watching this buggy for awhile to see the reviews on it.

Niven A. Nolte says:

Thank you.

Cole J. says:

what would you recommend

Gimpdiggity says:

Hey guys!  Did you experience any out of the box problems with the build?  I know the first few reviews of this buggy from back in late 2014/early 2015 had some actual physical build problems…like arms and links installed backwards.  Any issues like that?

MyRcking says:

Come everyone let’s help. I know money is tight all over. I don’t have money to give either but I did my part. All you have to do is pack a lunch one day instead of going out to eat, rent a movie instead of going to the theater. I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. Nate Abby and Popeye I hope your viewers read this and do the right thing, and have a Merry Christmas to all.

Jeff C says:

Another great review guys!

Also 11K SUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1976axerhand says:

vn ..what kind of run time with the 3s 4000 mah battery. thx

Ruudy L says:

But where is the link too donate?

NinjaPlays says:

How exactly is this a “review?”

Mooria Devil says:

so when are you gonna make an rc track in the backyard? 😀

Cole J. says:

I figured it up from gust gift money it would take me 2.5 years. lol I will have to get a job

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