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This is the WLtoys No. 12428 RC car with 4WD. It’s a 1/12 scale off road car, and is completely ready-to-run! Here it is:;utm_medium=Saradu&lkid=10122398

The above link is an affiliate link, meaning by purchasing the product I will receive a small commission by the company. This makes me able to produce videos.

In the specifications the car is clearly marked waterproof. However, mine was not! To be honest, it’s barely water resistant. In the video I gave you quick look at the receiver and electric speed controller. That unit was highly vulnerable to water, as I could see exposed electrical components. Make sure you don’t fully submerge the car because it will stop working. However, I found an easy solution. Put the damaged unit in a bag of rice, wait 24 hours, and you will see it working again.

The car operates on 2.4GHz, and this is great because it makes sure we never lose connection with the car. According to the website the range is over 100m, so as long as you don’t equip the vehicle with FPV I think you will be fine.

The top speed is almost 50km/h (31mph), as stated on the box. I should also mention that even at full throttle it feels very locked in.

It’s a 1:12 scale, and here’s the exact dimensions: length = 410mm, width = 230mm and height = 175mm

I’m so happy they decided to make this car 4 wheel drive, because it allows you to climb steep rock walls. The traction while climbing is incredible!

The charging time is roughly 3 hours, and this might seem like a long time, but the car makes up for it with a long drive time. When driving on asphalt at constant speed you could reach run times up to 20 minutes! That’s really good for a car this size.

Durability is great too! I did have some severe crashes (full speed flips) and it still runs beautifully. After a week of driving nothing has broken.

Stuff included in the box:
-RC car

-1/12 scale
-Waterproof (it is not waterproof based on my tests)
-Brushed motor
-100-150m control range
-1.5 kilograms
-Charging time: 3 hours
-Drive time: up to 20 minutes
-Almost 50km/h speed

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Used cameras:
Sony Alpha a55
DJI Phantom 3 Advanced
GoPro Hero 2
Iphone 5 (slow motion)

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jacob hernandez says:


Samsung/Android Is the best says:

They made one with 6 wheels

Roger Gann says:

Can this item be found on Amazon

Intevetjag says:

Yeah svensk?

Top5 Awesome says:

Damd your video is good

Willie Smith says:

very cool inline skating integrated with RC cars to measure distance very good video

Tim Yeo says:

does the tires wobbles.mine does by a little

Diego's game stuff says:

my Controller isn’t working and that only gunna give me 10$back and if the receiver is integrated with the esc then how the f**k am I supposed to get a new transmitter not unless the esc and the receiver are in the same box but separate motherboard lol

Fahad Jamal says:

how to do a drift

Karlsons Jēkabsons Neiburgsons says:

Stop acting ceisei neistat be yourself

Lasse u says:

isnt run/drive time relative on the battery size? :O

ValiK says:

great video. can you tell me with what camera did you make the video, the fix camera on the road ? Tnx

John Hopkins says:

where can i buy this rc car

mads ejerskov says:

Where are you from? What country?

Captain Cupcake says:

Gotta respect this guy’s ability to drive it and keep up on rollerblades at the same time.

Mika Verhagen says:

How did you do the on board cam looks amazing

Phat Bone says:

Where can I buy 1 of these?????

Luke Hanley says:


Joe Schmidig says:

Intro was sick af, I mean look at the bottom right corner!!

goodkebo says:

Nice camera work

Maurício Prado Chini says:


Phoenix Aspin says:

u got a mean as tang g

Fahad al-malki says:

i like your videos

Professor says:

do you charge the batteries or do you have to buy new ones

sureshanthuruthi thuruthi says:

will u give it to me plz

Ashmeister559 says:

In the uk it costs 99 pounds on modelsport

John Hopkins says:

ye i got in it after i sent you

Iggy HD says:

So does this rc ship to serbia and how many money those it cost because im not in Eu and thanks u derseve a sub and like

Matthew Durant says:

Hello, is there a way to switch the channel car operates on? I bought two, 1 for me and 1 for GF but they both use same channel? Can’t drive togeather in same area. Instructions don’t indicate any way to switch channels. There is a ‘mode’ button on controller but doesn’t seem to do anything at all. If anyone can help it will be appreciated. Not only am U stuck with the 2 cars but I spent an additional $200.00 bucks for extra, high-end Venom batteries. I’m not an RC car guy and don’t have the capacity to do any complicated modifications. Bought these so me and my disabled GF would have something to do togeather outside in the nice weather. She loves her car and I’d like to be able to drive around the park in our neighborhood togeather with her.

abbad rachid says:

Wonderful, my friend

Aldo says:

Please make a review of the ZD Racing 10421

Trivern Chetty says:

cool video. keep it up bro

Mopars And says:

I might buy one. I saw it all over ebay and I thought it was a Wal-Mart car. guess not.

Aleksander kuchta says:

how much did it kostka

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