$55 RC Buggy – Worth It? – Xinlehong 9117 1/12 Scale 2WD – TheRcSaylors

Buy it here: https://goo.gl/y9AbUe

We love finding RCs for you guys that are a diamond in the rough. That is what we are hoping for with the Xinlehong 9117 1/12 scale 2WD RC buggy. Watch the video to learn our honest opinion about this RC and let us know what you think of it in the comments!

Buy it here: https://goo.gl/y9AbUe
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Le_david_fpv says:

My first car was a 1/18 hobby king basher pitbull ( hymoto barren re brand) . I got it on sale for $40 completely ready to run, with brushless system and 2s lipo and charger ! It was originally $100 so it was quiet a steel! Saddly they discontinued it shortly after the sale. Cool thing is you can still get parts for it since its a re brand. We had a lot of fun with those things:) Fpv racing them was a blast with them too!

The New York Hobbyist says:

You should review the gptoys s911 monster truck, and it’s actually 1/12

Ralph McMahan says:

Even worse than the monster truck version.

Equinox68 says:

The WLtoys A959-B They reviewed recently for $10 more is 10 times the car performance to me.

Elapid22 says:

Oh you were saying wimpy LOL I thought you were saying windy. But by all means if it’s wimpy go ahead and brand it. It just raises your credibility when you simply call it what it is.

Droning Harry says:

We bought our 5 year old Grandson an RC very close to this. Cost about 25 more and really was close to the same. The cage for the battery was metal and it did not have that switch to turn it on also which just made me burn no foam in the tires it had speed but the first time he spun it the tires came off the rims. Easy fix glue them to the rims and go. I don’t think he really cared , he just wanted to run with PaPa and his Slash which I’ve now pretty well banged up from running 11.1 3 cells 5500mah. Love the speed and the the way they last butI’ve beefed it up to keep it going. Anyway I would have been interested to see if there was foam in the tires. You guys are really doing great the days! Keep it uo. Harry

wyatt mac says:

This is made by gptoys look up the gptoys s911 and s912 it’s all the same remote same scale

Birjarjun Sarkar says:

Hi Abbey, Nate and Popeye! Try reviewing WL toys L939… its been around for a while, but its certainly something your viewers should try! Not promoting it! I own one and its the best thing I’ve ever had…!

BEAR says:

Someone may have dumped tthat poor dog and he was looking for them..hopefully that wasnt the case.

Richard Moore says:

The GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY! Lol!

Mooria Devil says:

do a video with upgraded shocks? 😀

Chris C. says:

This looks nice for a little kid.

TheRcSaylors says:

If anyone is interested in buying one of the best ground vehicles of 2017 under $70, check this out instead – https://goo.gl/ylGF2P
Also, here is our video on it – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTZMULGmuVU

kristiaand says:

hey guys are you ever going to-do RC Nitro reviews?

dj cats in da house says:

please get the rc a959 its the slower one of the rc a959b

hugoonex ok says:

Btw… This thing it’s just rebranded 911 truck with small wheels and battery

Rambler Fray says:

Check out the udi 007 Voyager rc boat like if you agree

Jason Saez says:

I was kind of hoping this would be a neat “win”, but you can just hear the disappointment in Nate’s voice! So sad!!!!

Carl V says:

Can you guys do a speed test on the redcat racing lightning str nitro?

boysmiths says:

Slow car


hope that puppy is not a stray and i see you have 97k subs

Michael Ridgway says:

Nice vid

John Ponce says:

Looks just like the s911 rc truck.just different body and tires otherwise same.and the truck cost about 35.00

docgrimripper says:

I hope you 2 looked into who that dog belongs to.I hope that dog is not lost from its home.I would of taken him or her home with me and feed and water the dog until I could find the owner looks like a good dog.

Deb Lewis says:

dude review the wltoys a959-b

Coldasice00007 william says:

You said you rather review other things then traxxas to find hidden gems well you have featured dji on the channel which imo is same as traxxas but for air and same price points

Nicholas Horianopoulos says:

Good job, Saylors. Keep posting the truth.

Mr. Zip says:

I like it, if for no other reason than Abby couldn’t wreck it. Good review guys.


Better if you but a wltoys a959 b

Duck Landes says:

One of the big deciding factors for me if any R/C product is worth buying is can I get replacement parts. I’m betting this one you can’t. What a horrible design having to disassemble the car to turn it off or on. My WLToys rig has a on/off switch you can’t get too, but at least I can plug in / unplug the battery without disassembling it. This Xinlehong might be a decent winter time indoor car, but having to disassemble it to turn it on/off is a total fail in my book.

Wray Smith says:

Great job Nate an Abby “_”

Zeissler Music says:

Nice track and Air field. 🙂

RCing in SC says:

Still waiting on my WLToys A959 to arrive that y’all reviewed about a week ago. Thought this might be a good competitor….not so much. What a whimpy battery.

Deb Lewis says:

and buy it on gearbest

Chris C. says:

What did you have better for $50?


I just got my son the Luctan S912. He loves it Any way to upgrade battery ?

Alan Savage says:

Excellent video Nate & Abby!!

telephony says:

Well, it does doughnuts in pea gravel alright. :-O

Jerky Man says:

Love the RC car reviews!

marty2016 rc motocross says:

Get a Ripmax dingo they’re like £20 more and faster

David Gamero says:

you can get wltoys awd 1:18s for less than 50$ now, just thought i’d let the comment section know

jjp 735i says:

Glad you did another buggy. Looks nice. If you get a change try and get a Metakoo/Subotech GB1503b Buggy. Have one on the way and would love you thoughts on it. Thanks,

Jay Iparraguirre says:

“Didn’t do it very good…” with the recovery later at “well the one… well, you did good.” Nice Nathan… nice.

Abby is a dog bully!!!!!!!!

Thank you again for the honest awesome video reviews!!!!!!!!!

Bill Johnson says:

I like your mystery approach

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