1/5 Scale Remote Control Buggy For $400! Rovan HPI Clone


Pedro Cocklarge says:

Do you know if these parts are interchangeable with the hpi 5b? Nice video btw.

Moto Shift says:

Is it a cheap peice of junk or is it pretty good for the money

Sebastian H says:

Animal abuse!!!!!!

Levi Hogge says:

Rovan are really good 1/5 buggies I have two an they are great! . Very nice baja’s for the money !

SVTsupercharged Hi says:

Can you add the link to where you bought it for 400 dollars please?

Hai Pham says:

where can I get one?

616 Drones says:

Man that’s a munster machine…. thanks for sharing… heavy beast too I bet.

Big Gravy says:

Send me the link please

richard tavarez says:

i bought one of these just because of this video lol

John Tejeiro says:

What model is this?

mrkuppo ballester says:

Hola, bonito video y buen coche Rc! ! 🙂 Yo tengo un HPI y me arrepiento de lo caros que son. Para la poca diferencia que hay en calidad prefiero Rovan , y tambien en recambios. Recomiendo mucho el FailSafe con corte de encendido, yo tuve dos accidentes y uno de mucho dinero, frontal…. Un saludo des de España! 🙂

Joe H says:

You on a military base man?

Josue Ventura says:

one question where did you bought it at??

Darrick Scott says:

better not crash my shit either. lol

Willie Smith says:

I was going to get the exceed 5th scale but I think I’m going to get the Rovan instead good video man

Nathan Stock says:

Did you get this used or brand new??

A&O Bros says:

Mate I just bought a cen skyian matrix 5-SC short course buggy for $200

Urban Hobby Channel says:

I like what you’re doing bro. That’s not a bad clone, lol. I have the actual HPI Baja 1/5 scale that I changed to the truck style. Keep up the good work.



Crazy Kuup says:

Where can I get one for $400??????

Jay Caissie says:

man thats awesome! .. cant wait to order mine

Q Dog says:

Invest in a killer rc kill switch if you have a run away at full throttle that rc can hurt someone plus break your rc nice car I got a 5th scale

shell company says:

More toque than my mom’s Honda Accord

MrKdr500 says:

best advice i can give you is DON’T take in water! not even wet grass, as soon as water gets in the servo’s or receiver box your car at best will stop…at worst it will take off flat out uncontrollably and crash big time.

Space Ace says:

Just bought one and they are wicked fast and so much fun to bash around and aftermarket parts galore, def worth the money!!!

Ali Hussain says:

I have a badger T1000 it alright. Plus i had that car before

Marcus Williams says:

Where you get it from?

Garrett Feury says:

Damn $400 for a 1/5 scale rtr where’d you order it from?

Mandy Ice says:

nice rig!!! if that was mine if invest in some better tires

zombie nomad says:

And it cuts the lawn

Jason Jackson says:

Never be ashamed of your big boy toys my brotha. LOL.

TLB says:

Nice to see a clone that actually runs 😉 But upgrade that damn pipe to an VRC Brother.

SUPER RC says:

That’s super cool

mikes361 says:

Sell it


HI if you take the rear plastic bottom off and round those pointed tips with a drimel it would not catch all that grass.

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