WLtoys – WL915 Speed Boat – Review and Run

Link to purchase from GearBest.com:
RTR ($71) – http://shrsl.com/?deou

This little boat has a brushless motor, and self-righting, which is unique for a boat with a catamaran design like this.

-Flyin’ Ryan

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Jad Collado says:

hey brian, does the transmitter work with the a959 that you reviewed? because im thinking of using this boat’s receiver. since this comes with a standalone receiver which i need for a brushless upgrade.

Jude Lulley says:

How fast is it

Tom Waters says:

Like if you think Ryan should do a review of the proboat zelos 36″ (look up if you don’t know)

The Modell Collector says:


Ivan Poon says:

LoL collective pitch!!!!!!!! 3D boat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha!

BlueRiolu says:

You haven’t uploaded in a month, what’s up?

Iron Sights says:

That has a quad / airplane brushless motor in it. If you replaced it with and actual brushless system it would probably be very fast!

Anonymous says:

Can any body recommend a wl toys plane?
I really have the money to buy one

first Last says:

Any good in salt water?

2112inuyasha says:

I find this boat likes to cavitate a lot, do to only half the prop is in the water when it comes to plane

Carbonite Gamorrean says:

sub’d the rcsaylors sent me

Charles Flaherty says:

Love the boat reviews

Shen RC says:

Hi there nice little boat… most all racing boats supposed to turn right better because the rotation of the prop.

Dason Stalnaker says:

I can say I have been here since 50000 subs when you become a hit

Lance H says:

Ryan great review Ryan’s been good for a long time I was wondering how you were going to test that boat in your little kitchen LOL

Angelo Di Canio says:

HI HOW much speed?

Sygr says:


Gyalpo 12 says:

Were did you get it

Young Bodybuilder says:

You can make a rewiew of the drone tarot 130

Tristan Beverly says:

You should do a vid on the street hawk

Fox Vulpe says:

Is it compatible with WLtoys A959 vortex?

Tyson Turner says:

Does its charger come with an American plug for charging?

Drew Alsup says:

that style of boat is called a tunnel hull.

Zubino Abreu says:

Hey where u get them from

Gyalpo 12 says:

Where is the description

Digvijay Moray says:

i wonder where and how you store so many toys ? that store room wont be less than alibaba’s cave of treasure.

Electro X says:

I usually buy or find old rc cars and modify them till they can be turned to a speed boat

Mark Howls says:

Hey ryan i have a question can you do tech reviews Lmao

Jayanta Majee says:

I love the designs

Rodney Armstrong says:

wants you learn how to ajust the trim and set the Rutter and break it in you will be surprised what that boat can do

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

You could tape a few of the holes over,it would slow down the self righting feature but still let it function mabe. I am glad I saw your review. I will pass on this one. I have one of their Helicopters,Its fun,but not the greatest.

Ian Mangham says:

Do you think this is better than the green mono hull you reviewed “water cooled motor” ☺


Sweet review man!!

CuBeRJAN3 says:

Is it waterproof? haha!

Steve RC says:

Question Ryan; when it’s slowing down on the LH turns, you still have the throttle pegged?
Wow thought, self-righting on a cat-hull type boat! What a great concept put into practice!

Δημητρης Λ. says:

I am between this and ft009 what do you say?

Jose Marte says:


Blazing Tundra says:

He just tossed it in the water

Evan Mariotti says:

Did you have any problems binding the receiver and the radio? cant seem to get mine to work right out of the box

Joenas Gayramon says:

try the feilun ft011 way faster and good looking than that.

TheJuniorDroneDummies says:

Hi Ryan, btw really enjoy your awesome videos and reviews! Just letting you know that we’ve given links and promoted your channel in our new channel! Thanks for all that you do on Youtube and please keep posting! 🙂


Commycruza says:

I seen this boat on the hobbyking website but its more expensive and has a different name, h king marine hydrotek, apparently the esc can be upgraded to a 60amp and can run 4s batteries

Debangan Mukherjee says:

Superb I like your RC models very much

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