WLtoys – WL913 Speed Boat – Review and Run

Link to purchase from Banggood.com:
RTR ($157) – http://www.banggood.com/Wltoys-913-Brushless-Boat-High-Speed-Racing-RC-Boat-p-970794.html?p=Z431161082112012126P

This boat is crazy fast, but pretty much a straight-line runner. It has to be going quite slow in order to turn, but man is it fun to do speed runs with!

-Flyin’ Ryan

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Sled_NeckX99 says:

Is there replacement parts for the ft012


Sorry, i didn’t mean it in a bad way. I guess if i was driving the boat, it would be awesome.

Karionsoiceyprince Vlogs says:

Mad fast

pillsareyummy says:

Love your videos. However, could you do more reviews on ‘reputable’ Hobby Grade R/Cs if possible. Thanks.

Mark Sheehan says:

I have this boat  I use a 5200mah50c battery goes little faster and longer run time but don’t self right when flips     like a lot of hydros makes rights better than lefts  when it flips the prop does blow it in rudder work opposite direction just use sparingly so don’t use up battery but is lot of fun and turns lot of head great boat for the money

Insane Hobbies and Rc's says:

Anybody try running a 4S lipo in this boat?

WelcomeToTheMatrix says:

Couldn’t the metal plate for the rudder be used as a Skid Fin?

Farhan ajiwaskita arif.atkins says:

is it efficient though the battery?with that kind of power that thing has? asap 🙁

4501trainman says:

All this great model hydroplane is missing is a Skid-Fin that would be on the inside rear of the left sponson(for left turns)which would stick below the waterline. A forward Skid-Fin adds stability in the straightaway,with very little drag,and in the turns it digs in to maintain control for smooth turns.

Rob Fox says:

Finned tab things!

The Angry General says:

It’s not that fast! It looks like something that comes from walmart! My Traxxas Spartan will smoke the hell out of that!!!

Nat Falz says:

It’s a nice boatand it’s very fast, but its very expensive and takes long to charge.

Brizio del Rosario says:

LOL i was just kidding of course it is 🙂

Brizio del Rosario says:

Is this model water proof?

Clayishtube 704 says:

Hey Flyin Ryan can you make a review on the Wltoys A999 rc truck thankyou

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

I had one experience rescuing my Apprentice and the boat that qas supposed to bring it back by swimming out to get them ( using tubes) I am investing in a rubber raft,lol. It was in early October. I hope to not swim out to anything,and for safety sake I would never suggest anyone try and swim out to get a boat,especially if you are not a strong swimmer.

Luke Christian says:

Some thing fell out of it

Jason Woodson says:

where do u buy those and how much do they cost?

Luke Christian says:

It came from the water intake

Rc Insane says:

Love your videos

Luke Christian says:

I think It is water

Paula Campbell says:

I think the aluminum – so called inverted rudder, should be incorporated into a turn fin on the starboard side. It would do ”a lot” better.

Jason Woodson says:

how much?

Universe Rc says:

man what a camera u are use ?


Fast, but boring! Full throttle, slow down, turn, full-throttle, slow down, turn, full-throttle.

Daniel Hannagan says:

Nice video, and greatly helped make my decision to buy this. In my order I am going to get an extra top and canopy to custom paint it. Can you tell me if the locking tabs look easy to remove so they can be moved to another canopy? Thanks!

Jerry Smith says:

those boats are fast at turning right

aidan c. says:

Whoa. How fast IS that?

aidan c. says:


Lhoga Waran says:

how much is that motor kv is?

Thijs RC says:

the foam is kind of like a non sink function.. it stay’s floating with the foam in the front
just a tip 😉

Lmao says:

That’s fast

Dylan W says:

Is it tubed in parallel or series

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