WLtoys Q353 Triphibian RC boat car quad features, flights, full review

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Great all-rounder quad, boat and sort of car yes it does all three. See how I get on putting it through it’s paces. Nice flyer and can land or take off while on the move on land or water.


Christopher Ross says:

Has ANYONE got more than four flights before the Powerswitch or a motor burns out ? I really like this design …BUT It does not work . I bought TWO and they Both have the same Problem… Does any know is it the Power jack or is it the Board… I am more than a little Bummed out . waiting weeks to get the Q353 just to have it crap out after just a couple of flights SUX ! Am I charging it wrong or what ? does it need the USB adaptor ?

HopeFullSpiritFlyer1 says:

nice video…

just a camera on and this toy will be perfect…

GAproductions says:

Can you do a video showing more the how to’s of this so I can see what’s done on the control

Thijs RC says:

I love this one aswell haha! Nice for on holiday! Made a review aswell!

Cyber Ghost 2 says:

that drone looks dangerous >_>

Jerry Smith says:

great video! seeing these types of quads makes me imagine what kind of recreational vehicles we will have in the next 20 years amazing

Todd Beal says:

Hahaha I would rock one of them!! It’s loud as hell tho. But still I would put a mini all in one fpv camera on that baby hahaha

Ron Brown says:

Great video, you seem to having a lot of fun with this one. I’m waiting to see how you mount a camera on this one, since you will have to waterproof it. I think I may need one of these, and if I do I will be sure to use your link. Cheers.

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

I knew you’d love it. I have seen three reviews of this by normally very serious reviewers who had exactly the same reaction. As you now know it will take off and fly in boat/car mode and has a really smooth in air transition providing you remember to switch the steering over and yes it will flip but only in the water. You can turn it back upright if you capsize it 😀 For once headless does have it uses as, with a delicate touch, you can get away from difficult situations on the water
Good fun review. If I had some water nearby I’d get one tomorrow

Toni L says:

i think it’s nothing, one of these 3 things! it’s a lill bit stupid I think.

Skydive Driver says:

Alright that one cool boat, a I mean quad. LOL Okay put a camera on it and go. Blue skies my friend. Nice video.

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

Looks like great fun. Havent had that much fun since the WLToys car drone combo. I may have to get one and let the RC Saylors know about this. They review all this stuff too since they are a Banggood reviewer.

Mike Low's RC & Hobby says:

nice video Tigger!!

Alan Carter says:

looks you had a great time, nice toy.

guidelineuk says:

It’s got the larf factor ; ) ha ha

Christopher Barrington says:

Real cool

Slugo's RC says:

I love this vehicle I bought one last summer and screwed it up in the weeds. Next summer I’m buying another one. Love it! Thanks Rich

Aartwood says:

Great little drone! Shame about camera but still, moving in a direction I certainly like!

עידו פורת says:

First! And good video

Jay Weber says:

My first flight tonight!! Only in Air Mode.. Thumbs up!!

Brian Evans says:

That’s so awesome

ray gearing says:

Have,you tried manual fl i ps

Jake Bullit says:

Been fishing yet?

Marc F says:

Thunder Bird Ago! LOL!!! My favorite ! Good vid, mate!

RC-eh ! klip says:

Awesome looking quad! I think I need one. Really entertaining review , love the commentary, lol.

G Bro says:

OK, I thinking mount a FPV camera and get some good pics of Nessie. I have been trying to get some pics of Bigfoot, but no luck yet. What do you think ? lol Looks like fun. Great job.

Jeffery Mercer says:

Well….I’ve got to be honest here…myself I wouldn’t waste. My time or money on that thing…but that’s just me.
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