WLtoys 915 High Speed Brushless Boat Review – [Unboxing, Water/Flip/Leak Test! Pros & Cons]

Enjoy my WLtoys 915 High Speed Brushless Boat Review. Price and info for boat here http://bit.ly/2HYkTX9 6% off coupon: Toyho

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The Island Drone says:

Hey dustin! Ever taught about filming a boat from above with a drone? So u set it to hover above water and we can get a different angle of the boat

Jeremy Adams says:

Nice review! But! I think I’m more impressed with the drone shot at the end in that much wind then with the boat. Though I am willing to bet on a calm pond that boat would be a blast and not have those problems!

maxun1 says:

Love it.


like # 24

John Salt says:

Hi dustin have u any idea wat other props fit the x16 gps drone plz mate

Ian Mangham says:

Check the tubes are tight on the water cooling, mine came off and flooded the inside wrecking the motor

graywoulf says:

Looks like a pretty bad design to me. Definitely not worth the asking price in my opinion.

Charles Flaherty says:

It’s not a drag boat, it’s an F1 boat.

Rj Negosa says:

Cool. Like !!!

DeadlyDiddly says:

Pass. There are much better boats out there for less.

gavins youtube says:


MR. de says:


Kiddbass says:

Nice review, great little starter boat. I have a mystic 29 with 2 3s LiPo’s 100c and let my son in law drive It and he flipped it, all you could see is the tip of the hull sticking out of the water and it was in the middle of the lake, so I used my casting rod with a floating top water plug with treble hooks and pull the lure to the hull and hooked it and pulled it in slowly, to my surprise The top cover came off and the battery’s were dangling in the water attached to the ESC So I dried the boat out and thought everything fried. Half hour later I turned on the ESC and everything worked, don’t know how.

model nutty says:

servo will be ok, has to be opened up dried out, and yes vaseline/grease or silicone it back shut. way too choppy for a micro hydro like that, and you can hotrod the hell out of it with a 2835 motor (35 MPH not 45 Kph when done!). I’d definitely add a turn fin forward left (for turning left) and trim tab rear right (full width 1-1/4″ long), especially if dropping in a hotter motor! turn fin easy stuff, about inch long to run 3/4″ deep from a bit of thicker aluminum flashing stock, scuff where it CA’s in. right trim tab can help it not dig/roll turning hard fast left (oval racing). conditions really have to be ideal/glassy or it’s like running an on road pan car in rough dirt, just doesn’t work.

Wray Smith says:

great review , you need some boat tape to put around the canopy <..

Drone Videos In Florida says:

Great review! Best review of this boat that’s on YouTube!


sweet bro

King Jyle says:

Love it

OneEyE Monster says:

Oki doke….there’s water in it…lets just run more electrons in it to short it out.
Them silly electrons like to jump through water.lol…..

You can get electonics WET…( we run PCB assymbies through WASHING machines..to wash off the FLUX)…but we dunn electricity through them at the sametime…..Just saying.

You can spray varnish on the electronic to help keep water out. (anything helps)
That’s how we used to seal some PCB that customers wanted to minimize moisture

Michael H. says:

Yeah really far away…

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