Walmart brushless boat/helicopter

I took a $20.00 walmart boat that I had laying around and decided to try something new. All the electronics are from a full size Blade SR helicopter that I tried flying 900 times and kept crashing so I decided to stop spending money on that and use the electronics for something that I could actually enjoy… I still have to develop a new setup for the steering but the first trial didn’t go too bad.


Blake Clapper says:

It sounds like it would go faster if you put it inside the boat

Marcus Lyons says:

fail lmao

sonichuizcool says:

You proper suffers from massive cavitation.

Matthew Autenrieb says:

Nice first run!  You will probably get better speed if you change the prop to an aircraft prop. The helli prop isn’t designed to push as much air. It is designed to be a rotary wing. It creates lift.  An aircraft prop is designed to provide thrust. Try it and see what happens.  🙂

Sean Pound says:


Colin Dejong says:

Take off the fins and take the servo build a shaft and instead put a rudder

Guyanese Gamer says:

Still Same speed

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